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Tweet for Science!

We have written thousands of tweets about animal research since we opened our accounts a little over five years ago. Now we want you to help us spread our Twitter messages.

We have created a list of short, tweet-able, facts on our new “Arguments For Animal Research” page. Each fact is followed by a “Tweet This” button which will automatically open your Twitter status page, with the tweet ready to go – all you have to do is press Tweet.

Clicking the Tweet this button will bring in up page like this

Clicking the Tweet this button will bring in up page like this

These short facts were inspired by Understanding Animal Research’s successful page entitled “40 reasons why we need animals for research”. While our list is currently limited to 29 facts, we hope to continue to add to our list until we surpass even UAR’s impressive list.

Have you got ideas for some more tweetable facts? Tell us in the comments below. They need to be 102 characters (including spaces) so that we can fit a link back to the page and our Twitter after it.

Remember to shout "For Science!" when clicking the Tweet this button. Cartoon by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Remember to shout “For Science!” when clicking the Tweet this button. Cartoon by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


So, for science, it is time to get tweeting and make sure those around you know the important role that animals play in medical research. Perhaps try to post a pro-research message each week on Twitter.

Speaking of Research

Background Briefing on Animal Research in the UK

In February we launched our US briefing. In April we launched our Canadian briefing. Now, we’re launching our UK background briefing on animal research (all of these can be found on the resources page). We hope this will offer journalists, editors, broadcasters and interested members of the public who may wish to discuss this issue, a handy overview of the facts. Our two-page summary provides key information including the number of animals used for research purposes, the laws and regulations surrounding animal research, and some key questions people have.

Download the briefing here.

UK animal research media briefing

We permit anyone to redistribute this briefing providing it remain unchanged, and in whole, with credit to Speaking of Research.

Our briefings are based on the Science Media Centre’s “Briefing Notes on the Use of Animals in Research”. We thank the Science Media Centre for offering their support.

Speaking of Research

To learn more about the role of animal research in advancing human and veterinary medicine, and the threat posed to this progress by the animal rights lobby, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Top marks for Speaking of Research website

The industry magazine Lab Animal occasionally reviews websites applicable to it’s readers. Earlier this year, they reviewed the Speaking of Research website. The article does a good job of relaying the history behind how Speaking of Research began and some background on the people involved. They also note that SR does a lot of reporting on situations with animal extremists in Europe and North America.

The reviewer goes through each section of the website giving their readership the basic idea behind each of the sections and points out a few of the more interesting items beyond just news items, including games, quizzes and an article on Gorgon aliens.

In reviewing our “AR Undone” section (now called “Animal Rights Pseudoscience”), which responds to 19 common myths used by animal rights groups, the reviewer described SR’s responses as “authoritative, heavily references and, in some cases, linked to other websites and documents.”

“This is an excellent, informative site … It’s a must read for any animal researcher.”

The Speaking of Research website is then graded on content, appearance and usability, receiving the maximum of five out of five paws in each category.

Speaking of Research website rating

Read the full article

We are very pleased to have received such high marks from Lab Animal and truly appreciate the review.


Index of animal rights groups/activists

Ever needed more information about an animal rights groups or individual? Well we’ve produced a page specifically to index some of the more influential or extreme individuals and groups in the US and UK (hopefully we can expand this to other countries too).

Speaking of Research has written an awful lot of information about animal rights groups over the past 6 years, so this index should help you find some of the main posts we have about some of the main groups involved. For each group/individual we have strived to choose 2-3 SR posts which best describe some of their activities. See below for an extract.

animal rights groups

Click this image to go to see more

In order to help people navigate the hundreds and hundreds of posts on Speaking of Research, we will be creating more indexes like this to help people find older posts animal disease models and philosophical discussion.

Speaking of Research Leaflet

When Speaking of Research first started we had a wonderful leaflet which was produced for us by Americans for Medical Progress. In the following six years, Speaking of Research has changed and evolved and as such we have been long overdue for a new leaflet, which we can now unveil.

Download PDF here, or click pictures below.

Speaking of Research is a voluntary organization which relies on your support. We are always looking for new people to get involved in explaining the role of animals in research, and it’s up to you to help us find those people.

Speaking of Research Leaflet Page 1

Speaking of Research Leaflet Page 2

Speaking of Research continues to grow, with website traffic likely to double this year, and the information on the website continually updated.

Check out our Speaking of Your Research campaign to get more people discussing their own research.

Speaking of Research

Website Updates – Expanding Information

We’ve been slowly updating some of the static pages of our website.

Ever wondered how it all began? Check out our History of Speaking of Research page. Want to know debunk pseudoscientific myths by activists? Check out our expanding list of them on the Animal Rights Pseudoscience page (previously called “Bad Science”). Want to know about similar campaigns? We recently expanded our information on Pro-Test movements across the world.

We are also trying to bring you the latest statistics on animal research in different countries. We already have the US, UK and now the EU, but would like to add more. If you have the statistics for other countries around the world, please send them to us.

What else would you like to see on the website? More pictures? More information on regulations or medical benefits? More information on animal rights groups? Please leave a comment or otherwise contact us.

Macaques are common in neuroscience. Image Credit: CNPRC/Speaking of Research

Macaques get a tasty treat. Image Credit: CNPRC/Speaking of Research

SR Outreach at OAVT Conference

Last month Speaking of Research (SR) committee member Michael Brunt took part in an outreach lecture at the annual Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) 2014 conference. The OAVT is the largest association for veterinary technicians in Canada. Over the past several years there has been a growing interest in offering lectures specifically directed towards those working in laboratory animal science (LAS). In concert with the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS) the 2014 conference offered a full one day track discussing LAS.

Ontario Association for Veterinary Technicians 2014Michael presented a joint lecture from SR and the CALAS InReach for OutReach program titled “10 Myths Surrounding Laboratory Animal Science.” The purpose of the lecture was to provide accurate information about the importance of animal based research and testing in medical and veterinary science. The lecture explored ten myths and provided context which spurred discussion from the 25 delegates in attendance. Many of the myths discussed can be found on our “Animal Rights BINGO” post. There was even a last minute addition to the lecture of a bonus myth discussing “Why Context Matters with Animal Images”.

Being presented with accurate information allows people to make informed opinions regarding LAS. Outreach to our professional communities will continue to foster a culture of understanding, acceptance, value and recognition for the contributions LAS plays in improving the lives of millions of animals and people every day.

Many members of SR are involved in outreach. Please contact us if you are interested in having someone speak at your institution or conference,


Michael Brunt

To learn more about the role of animal research in advancing human and veterinary medicine, and the threat posed to this progress by the animal rights lobby, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.