Top Posts

In here we have a selection of the top news posts written by Speaking of Research committee members.

Animal Rights Bingo – Check out our very popular animal rights bingo game. How many mistruths will you pick up on during the next animal rights talk?

Steve Best – A series of three posts noting his support for extremist activities, asking if he has breached ethical standards.

Pop Quiz – A post which questions if research which isn’t immediately successful must therefore be a failure.

Debunking the 92% – A post explaining what the claim that 90% / 92% of drugs tested in animals fail in humans.

GAPA Posts – A set of posts covering the wording of the act, the question of costs, a primatologist’s perspective and the Institute of Medicine’s report.

A Fish Called Hope – Old but popular post explaining the role of Zebrafish in heart disease research

Ethical QuestionsWhat if aliens invaded? Does intelligence matter?

A New low for NIO – A look at Negotiation is Over’s tactics of targeting researchers

What does Free Speech mean? – Two posts looking at how free speech can be abused