On Your Campus

Are you frustrated by the half-truths and distorted facts put about by many animal rights groups? Fed up with pictures of monkeys taken in far away countries or from times long gone (before laboratory animal welfare was covered by passage of the Animal Welfare Act – over 30 years ago)? Not sure what to do about it? Well, here are some easy suggestions on how to show your support for animal research. Remember, half the battle is just getting people to talk about the issue, allowing the real facts to come out.

Conversation is Crucial

Talk to a friend about the issue – this is simple. Bring up animal research in conversation, most people tend to find that their friends actually agree with animal research but have themselves been reluctant to say anything. Convince your friends to check this website and ensure that they know the facts about animal research.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to your student newspaper explaining the importance of continuing well regulated animal research. Stories on this issue tend to be dominated by reports of animal rights extremism. While papers do well in condemning such acts of vandalism and violence, they often forget to mention the benefits of the animal research itself. Try contacting your student paper and asking them if you can write a column on the subject of medical research –try to include examples over research being done by your university.

Debates and Talks

Organize a debate/talk on the issue – Organizing a talk at your faculty or science society enables your colleagues to learn how they can raise awareness of the value of animal research, while organizing a debate on the issue allows information on the truth about animal research to come out. The element of controversy surrounding the issue also guarantees a good attendance to any reasonably well advertised debate. Try asking a biological, political, philosophical, or even a good old debating society to host the event. Also, ask your student newspaper to cover it! If you need speakers then invite us! Go to request a speaker and we will try to come to your university to either participate in a debate or give a talk/lecture on the issue. We have experience in debating against animal rights groups like PETA.
Download our basic Powerpoint presentation on the contributions of animals to medical science.

Student Government

Pass a motion in your student government to support animal research. Depending on your student government constitution you may be able to pass a motion to support your university’s research facility. Something such as: (exact format of motions will vary between student governments)

The <insert name of student government> believes:
1. That animal research plays and has played a vital role in developing lifesaving drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, meningitis and tuberculosis.
2. That, in situations where there are no valid alternatives, animal research is morally justified.
3. That peaceful protest is a legitimate means of campaigning, that violence and intimidation are not legitimate means of campaigning.
Therefore this government resolves to:
1. Support animal research for medical purposes
2. Support the <insert university> animal research facility

Alternatively you could go one step further and try to organize a student government referendum on the issue (referendums will tend to be run alongside student body elections). This means every person in the university will have an easy opportunity to vote on this issue. You may need a certain number of signatures before being able to submit a motion for a referendum – ask a member of your student government.

If you want to get even more involved then why not Join the Speaking of Research committee.