Join the committee

Do you want to get involved in the central Speaking of Research committee? We need your help to expand the Speaking of Research movement.

The committee represents the brains of Speaking of Research, our activities include: providing advice and support to scientists and scientific institutions; monitoring and responding to animal rights activism; working with journalists; responding to the public; encouraging open dialogue on animal research; and expanding the material on the Speaking of Research website.

Writing for the website plays two roles – expanding our general information about animal research, and providing our thoughts and perspective on the latest stories relating to animal research . We ask SR committee members to try to write at least one article every four months. However we do also accept guest posts for those not ready to join our committee.

Do you need advice on how to make your voice heard on campus, in a climate where animal rights activists dominate the media and stifle open debate? The Speaking of Research committee help support activities across the world. We have supported individuals, as well as in starting movements such as Pro-Test for Science and Pro-Test Italia.

With your help we can help effect a national change in the public perception of animal research – It’s been done before in the UK (see the UK experience).

To get involved with the committee contact Tom Holder, briefly explaining how and why you want to be involved (