Speaking of Research? Speak with Us

After a hugely successful 2012, Speaking of Research is setting its sights ever higher. Since it’s inception in 2008, Speaking of Research has grown into the largest trafficked website explaining the important role of animals in medical research (last year alone our traffic more than doubled). Indeed WordPress informs me that we get over five times more visits than Liechtenstein.

Now we need your help – we need more people to get involved in writing for us – this can be through guest posts or by joining the committee and writing from within. Articles are generally 400 – 1200 words in length and can be . We need help writing about:

Internet Writing Science BlogSo what are you waiting for, tear yourself away from your research paper and offer to spend an 30 minutes this year writing something in defence of lifesaving animal research.

Contact us via “contact@speakingofresearch.com”


Tom Holder