Regenerative Medicine: Prof. Anthony Atala discusses its past, present and future

Regenerative medicine is an exciting field that has really begun to mature and deliver on its promise over the past decade, though the clinical achievements to date only represent a fraction of what will be achieved in years to come. One of the leading scientists working in this field is Professor Anthony Atala, who leads a team at Wake Forest University that has engineered more than 20 increasingly complex tissues since the mid 1990’s.

Back in January Prof. Atala gave a talk as part of the National Institutes of Health Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series which survey the history of the field, the recent advances which have begun to have an impact in the clinic, and what the future might hold. The talk also highlights the key role played by animal research in both the fundamental discoveries about gell growth and organ development that underpin the field, and the evaluation of engineered tissues and organs before they are tested in human patients.  It’s a great introduction to the field, and a perfect way to end the week.

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