I Pro-Test for Science

Please leave your messages of support including your full name in the comment section at the bottom of the page (no sign up necessary). We must show our fellow scientists that they have our support. Names in the comment section will be added to the signatures at the bottom of the post.

When researchers are harassed and intimidated for carrying out their work, we must consider the whole scientific community to be under threat. We may not always be available to stand shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues, but we can still offer our strength and support from afar.

At UCLA, the scientists and their community are standing up to end the home demonstrations that have targeted their colleagues for many years.  As Professor David Jentsch writes

For more than a decade, the streets in front of the homes of UCLA researchers have been the scene of regular, brutal, vitriolic and hate-filled campaigns by animal rights hooligans. …  We have decided to act, with our voices, our messages of scientific progress and – most importantly – with the unity of our community.

Speaking of the successful first counter-demonstration at a home protest Professor Dario Ringach writes:

… it should not come as a surprise to anyone that after a decade of harassment, intimidation and threats,  we have decided to mount counter-demonstrations when these animal right terrorists show up at our homes.

These activists now have the shameless audacity to play the victim of this encounter. Incapable of understanding the message, they are now recruiting more misguided individuals to join them in their fanatical crusade and come back to harass us at our homes on February 15th.

We will be there to meet them once more and convey one simple message,

We are not going to take it anymore!

Colleagues and friends – please take a moment to leave a message of support for the brave UCLA scientists who have been subjected to fire bombs, home harassment, threats to their children, and relentless fear-campaigns for over a decade by animal rights activists, yet continue their work to advance science.  It may be difficult to imagine what this is like, and easy to imagine is an issue that is someone else’s– one that will never be yours– but it is not. It is an attack on public interest in scientific progress, in medical progress, civil dialogue, and democratic ideals. Our community is often silent in the face of attacks. We can change that and we really must.

I am Pro-Test

For those who think that this is about animal welfare, about specific types of research, about whether or not invasive research in nonhuman animals is justified, or about some other distinction among the wide range of issues concerning captive animals, it really is not.

We ask you to please read David Jentsch and Dario Ringach’s posts (here, here, here), watch this video, and get better look at what is happening.

These are our colleagues and scientists who bravely defend their work, who engage in public dialogue, who lend their voices to serious, fact-based consideration of ethical issues. Consider whether you really believe that the actions taken by the animal rights groups represent a best path forward.  If you do not, please take a minute to comment in support of the UCLA scientists and share with others who can be there to stand with them. Even if you cannot be in LA to stand with them, you can offer a comment in support and let the public know that home harassment is the wrong path.

Please leave a comment including your full name to be added to the list below.

We should all be Pro-Test. Now it’s time to say so.

Speaking of Research

Counter-demonstration. When: February 15, 10:15am sharp!
Where: Franz Hall Lobby @ UCLA (near Hilgard and Westholme)  http://maps.ucla.edu/campus/


Allyson J Bennett
Tom Holder
Chris Magee
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193 thoughts on “I Pro-Test for Science

  1. Here, Here! All of our lives have been enhanced by valuable research and the work we all support. In the past year my dad’s heart was repaired by the minimally invasive DaVinci Robot which most Dr’s train on large animal models before trying it on humans (thank goodness!) and my husband received top notch care and kicked cancers butt at Dana Farber with a rare cancer that would not have been possible without our precious research! We all need to celebrate animal research loudly!!!

  2. The message needs to get through that ethical animal research plays a crucial role in medical discoveries that help both humans and animals.

  3. Sending support from Oregon! We all need to stand up to the bullies and make sure the public knows about the invaluable and responsible work being done by researchers.

  4. Congratulations UCLA researchers for having the courage to take a stand in support of animal research, which saves lives. Animal rights activists fail to realize and/or acknowledge that animal testing is the basis for all the treatments they have themselves or give to their children. I hope that media coverage of the UCLA Pro-Test will help to educate the public about the undeniable human health benefits of research on animals. Wishing you success from Australia.

  5. Barbara E. Goodman, Ph.D.
    As a former postdoctoral researcher at UCLA, I strongly support biomedical research using all species of model organisms. My research on cells from rat lungs is now helping cure patients with pulmonary edema.

  6. First I would like to say Thanks.
    What you do is life saving to both Humans and animals.
    I have several Pets and hundreds of family members. If not for science some would not be with us today. Keep up the good work !.
    When is Pro-Test coming to Pa., Del. Or N.J. I would come and support
    your team. Thanks Again for standing up to these bullies.

  7. Given the facts about the use of animals in research, the American public has repeatedly expressed their support. Events like this help to spread the word about the importance of continuing this life-saving work.

  8. Bravissimo!! to all that persevere in the education of the species. Good job, carry on and may the FORCE be with you!

  9. I’m so supportive of this initiative that UCLA launched several years ago that I now share a Pro-Test video clip with the LATG classes I teach. I think the message is so relevant to the good work we do everyday! Its time the nation stands proud! I Pro-Test! Do you?

  10. I am in full support, and like others, hold great respect for those continuing the fight for research in spite of activist harassment attempts to stop them.

  11. Jenny Kalishman
    Looking for the PRO-test movement to spread across America–it can’t happen too soon. We need to stop the intimidation and harassment.

  12. I Pro-Test for Science! Animal research plays a crucial role in medical discoveries that help both humans and animals! Great job all!

  13. Support from Down Under for all those standing up for animal research and those who are engaged in it.

  14. I fully support biomedical research. I have several family members and close friends who have personally benefited from life-saving medicine resulting from animal research, and there’s no telling when my children, husband, other family, and/or friends will need it as well. Thank you for devoting your life to saving lives.

  15. I Pro-Test for Science. Animal research saves lives! Sending support from South Carolina.

  16. As an ex foreign exchange student, and now medical student in my country, what worries me most is that seems like all over the world those things are going on.
    That means to me that we should actually consider the problem as one of the whole scientific community, and try to come together with solutions to what might worry many different scientists all over the world! I don’t know why we’ve not seen a wole lot of articles about on scientific papers… I mean, I think there should be more interest in the subject …
    It is not about one country or one university, it is a need of the whole population on earh to make scientific progress, and that can’t be done efficiently (at least not right now) without animal testing.

    Fabio De Maio

  17. We do not live in a perfect world, so some animal testing will be necessary to further scientific research. I would argue that the use of animals should be limited to only those tests that are absolutely necessary and that the animals be treated humanely. I am a scientist and educator and have used animals in research and in the classroom during my career. The use of animals is vital to our understanding of human and animal disease, but misuse of animals is not acceptable. As scientist we have the responsibility of teaching the non-scientific community about what animal research is and why it is important. The battle we are fighting is not with the “anti’s”, but rather it is with ignorance. Ignorance can be fought with education. Speaking the truth quietly and forcefully will win the day. The light of truth will always banish the darkness of ignorance.

  18. Those of us in medicine understand the immense benefits that research on animals has provided. I admire your courage and fully support this protest on behalf of science and knowledge.

  19. Although we are on opposite coasts and can’t join all of you on the 15th in person; I stand beside you shoulder to shoulder. I am Pro-Test for science! Thank you David, Dario and all my colleagues at UCLA for leading us to raise our voices!

  20. I just want you to know that we are extremely grateful for your research and dedication to finding cures for so many awful diseases. We believe that using animals for these tests are absolutely a necessity in order to protect humans. Animal Activists who believe it is cruel to the animal probably have never had one of the diseases that your animal research has found a cure for. We fully support your research and the use of animals to save human lives. Thank you.

  21. Since silence gives permission, we are glad ethical UCLA scientists have found their voice and will use this to educate others. Unfortunately there are many kinds of scientists out there these days and it’s too easy to lump the less ethical in with the ethical. That day of distinction is here. There is a huge difference between research which may save human lives and glow-in-the-dark animals. Just as there is a huge difference between small, ethical farmers and factory farmed animals. We are with you in spirit!

  22. I wish I could join you all in defending biomedical research with animals at UCLA. You are an inspiration to the whole scientific research community. Thanks for doing what so many of us should be doing ourselves!

  23. I support the brave UCLA scientists. I believe we are working to advance science considering animal rights activists.

  24. Can’t physically be there BUT I do support UCLA (and academia) in using animal models of research, and not only because I owe my life to drugs.

    These “activists” should be given a crash course to fill in the gaps in their education (we can’t expect most people to be educated in drug development).

    They should learn that we go through hoops to get animal research approved, and that we use the minimal number of animals possible. In addition, non-animal model development takes a good chunk of precious $. Because regardless of what they think, we do care.

    We have a myriad of problems in health care to waste time and resources on this nonsense. I’m glad UCLA took this initiative – WE ARE THE MAJORITY! Stay safe!

  25. I would be there in person if I wasn’t 300 miles away! I owe my life to heparin, steroids, and blood transfusions–and to the scientists and animal research subjects that made them possible. Thank you for your work. It makes a difference!

  26. I own pets and love them dearly, but I separate the need for conducting in using animals in research in advancing science. The alternative would be to go directly to humans without first testing our hypotheses in animals, which would be even more problematic. A lot of research is conducted in vitro or in lesser species such as worms and fruit flies. For obvious reasons we use rodents and only when absolutely necessary, do we use other animal species. I fully support your defense of science and your scientists and stand with you in spirit if I cannot be there in person.

  27. We all benefit from animal research, even those who disavow it. I support animal research and will be with you in spirit on the 15th!

  28. I fully support the hard work and the sacrifices that go hand in hand with increasing our wealth of knowledge. There have been so many break through in our health care system due to this incredibly tough job. Thank you for all you do. It is greatly appreciated.

  29. i own and enjoy my relationship with animals, both those that are my pets and those who have tasks to perform. I am appreciative of ALL the steps that have been taken, for them and for me. No scientist I know enjoys causing pain – but they DO celebrate when a cure or means of relieving pain is found. I can’t be with you in person, but am in spirit.

  30. I stand with you and your group in spirit and sending my full support. These terrorists – which is exactly how they should be designated – need to be stopped.
    Continue with your research and may your lives and those of your families and friends be safe :)

  31. I Pro-Test FOR Science!, along with these other fine folks. We cannot let the ill-informed; intentionally ignorant; or downright dangerous ‘humaniacs’ to control the debate. We love ALL animals, including the human animals, and do our work to improve the lives of them ALL (even those who protest AGAINST science)!

  32. I Pro.Test for Science!
    I stand against the culture of animal rights extremism/terrorism. I stand for Lab Animal Research. It saves lives and increases the health of humans and animals.

  33. Most rational people strongly support the use of animals in research to help better our lives. Thanks for your perserverance – you have our support.

  34. Bear in mind that this is a clash between an extreme position, the absolute abolition of animal research, and a moderate one, the carefully regulated and ACUC-reviewed use of the minimum number of animals of the most appropriate species maintained in the best conditions. The fact is that no one (and least on one that I know of) holds a pro-research position as extreme as animal rights proponents hold on their part. That stance would say that researchers should be able to do whatever they want with as many animals as they want to study. A political battle between an extreme position and a moderate one usually puts the latter at a disadvantage.

  35. Finally! Thank you for organizing a defense! Fight back with effective messaging. Every life-saving vaccine this planet has was made with research involving animals. Ask them if their children are vaccinated and then call them out on their hypocrisy! You’re willing to use the benefits of animal research to vaccinate YOUR children to protect them from disease but unwilling to give future parents the same benefit?? If you are truly dedicated to your cause, do not vaccinate your children and home school them and keep them away from parks and other pubic areas where they can wreak havoc on the health of other children. It is time for science to fight back in this country! It is time for science to educate the public on why you can trust good science. They don’t need to understand the science, they just need to understand how rigorously science is done so that they know they can trust it. We have a very recent and startling example of what happens when people listen to celebrities and not science. Ten babies died of whooping cough in California in 2010. A disease we had pretty much eradicated. We have a choice. We can watch this planet choke to death on carbon or we can educate the public on why they should get their climate change information from climatologists and not from the PR departments of Exxon, BP and the Koch brothers. Where is AAAS?? Why are they silent on these issues? The NRA grades politicians on their gun policies. Why is AAAS not issuing grades to politicians on their scientific knowledge and their support for science funding? When Michelle Bachman stands on a stage and tells America that vaccinating your daughter against HPV will make her retarded, she does damage to this country. When AAAS sits silent and doesn’t fight back, they do even more damage. Fight science fight!

  36. I Pro-TEST for Science. I hope your courageous stand will galvanize others around the world to follow your lead and put a stop to the war against science.

  37. Thank you, researchers! I am pleased and proud that we are finally seeing the beginning of a true groundswell of activism against the lies and criminal tactics used by anti-research groups. This is an international phenomenon: scientists everywhere are finally gaining the collective courage to speak out with the truth.

  38. We all need to work to combat the anti-science attitude that seems to be so popular these days in some quarters. Stand up to counter ignorance and we are all better off. Encourage science funding and vote for science minded elected officials at all levels of government. Challenge antivaccine thoughts, media and writings.

  39. Thank you, scientists. The fruits of your work keep me and my loved ones alive and well. I know you treat your research subjects humanely and with respect. Keep it up!

  40. You have my full support. Your research is essential to biomedical research and its translation to clinical applications to all throughout the world. You stand for life..a higher quality of life.

  41. I support animal research because we need this research to make advancements in medicine. Cell culture and computer simulations can only do so much. We are all temporarily “able-bodied” people. Think of your grandparents, parents and your peers- if you live to be old enough you will become disabled in some way and you will benefit from the cures and treatments that derive from animal experimentation.

  42. The protests are never in front of Children’s Hospitals, Hospices, or other medical facilities where the benefits of the wonderful men and women who use animals in their studies are so obviously utilized. Thank you so much, Pro-testers and all those who benefit mankind AND animals.

  43. If the protestors really care about the animals, they would get involved in animal research and help to give these precious lives the best care. Thank you Pro-Testers, for standing up to ignorance.

  44. Good luck everybody at UCLA who is fighting back against these enemies of science. I know how hard it is to stand up for this essential work in the face of so many lies and threats but you could not be fighting for a better cause.

    John Meredith

  45. A colleague who enters into debates with animal rights people finds they often will walk out when he shows up in a wheelchair. They do not want to argue about the importance of spinal cord research with him. They are bullies with nothing better to make use of their time and they have to be dealt with as bullies.

  46. As a biomedical PhD student you obviously have my full support. I don’t work on the kind of organisms that attract extremism but I’m very glad that other people do.

  47. We all stand with you against this idiocy and hopefully our collective voices will help reason and justice gain the ascendance over ignorance and hate.

  48. I fully support you guys! Itime scientists and animal care professionals stand up against animal extremists!!

  49. Everyone has the right to her or his own opinions, but trying to force those opinions on others with terror tactics, hate propaganda, insults and threats is crossing a line. Animal Rights extremists seem to have problems understanding the distinction between freedom of speech and spewing hate and threats.
    Blind fanatism, nothing more. And all of us have a duty to oppose fanatism and violence, both for science’s sake and for the sake of all those ill people that are waiting for animal researchers’ help.
    I stand with UCLA all the way. Wish there’d be more I could do to express them my support. Don’t give up, guys! You’re not alone – we’re rooting for you.

  50. I Pro-Test for Science. It’s time we all stood together in opposition to the ignorance and hate of the animal extremists. Thank you for all you do to improve the world.

  51. Thank you for your resilience and perseverance. In the future people will be thanking you for finding treatments and cures for diseases that currently seem to be incurable. We must not allow extremism to prevent medical progress.

  52. You have my full support. Activist behaviour of this kind is childish and counter-productive, and we need to challenge their ignorance and adherence to dogma every step of the way. I wish you all the best!

  53. I have found the biggest and most productive advocates for the animals we work with in research are the researchers themselves. The militant approach is counter productive and we should all oppose extreme behavior before it becomes the norm. Enough is enough. I stand proudly with all of you!

  54. We are the ones making sure that these animals are being cared for properly. We should not need to be silent about that.

  55. I am a breast cancer survivor and am grateful for EVERYONE working in the field of laboratory animal science! Thank you for all that you do! You are all my heroes and have my support 100%!

  56. Due consideration for humans and other animals requires knowledge and understanding. Let’s learn more from each individual through carefully and humanely conducted research.
    Joe Erwin

  57. I pro test for science because ignorance should never interfere with progress. Support from Italy!!

  58. I Pro-Test for Science, because my Grandfather died from TB but my Uncle didn’t…thank you to all of the hard working, dedicated folks who put their effort into saving our loved ones. Including those who protest science.

  59. I have demonstrated with you before and wish I could be there again. But my grandsons take precedence. PETA-philes need to be treated like the adolescents they are. Keep up the pressure. There may be a politico with the strength of character to support us.
    H. Winet (Depts. Bioengineering & Orthopaedic Surgery)

  60. Sempre a favore della scienza e del progresso scientifico quando non si presta a sevizie sugli animali.
    Daniele Melani

  61. You guys have all my sympathy and support. It’s about time to put an end to the lies and the ignorance of these so-called “animal rights advocates”. They’re just terrorists, to say the least. Keep up the research, always. That’s the only thing that truly saves lives.

  62. Researchers need to stand up and educate people about what we do! I’m proud that our translational science (from mice to monkeys to people) cures diseases and saves lives!

  63. I whole-heartedly support the brave UCLA biomedical scientists for making a long-awaited counter-demonstration against the ramping-up of the vilification, intimidation and, indeed terrorism, of representatives of the Animal Rights Movement. The tactics and antics of these Animal Rights advocates should be publicly condemned by those who value the benefits of a civilized society.

  64. It’s about time that those in research start standing up for ourselves. For too long have we let the public only hear one incredible wrong point of view. We help improve the life of humans and animals alike and we should be proud.

  65. “One of the things I learned when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself, I could not change others.” – Nelson Mandela
    Let us stand together in hope of educating those who do not understand. Let us show courage and compassion in the face of those who would bring us harm. As a former lab animal technician, I am sending my support from Fairbanks, Alaska!

  66. I Pro-Test for Science! The work of Animal Researchers will save many lives and improve quality of life for even more. You have my full support.

  67. I Pro-Test for Science and give my full support to the biomedical researchers at UCLA and their colleagues as they stand up to animal extremists. Animal Research Saves Lives.

  68. As an IACUC coordinator at a research facility, I understand that what you do everyday makes a difference in everyone’s lives, human and animal. Thank you!

  69. Thanks for what you are doing on behalf of all scientists around the world. You have my full support.

  70. You have all my support, respect and admiration from Germany. Thank you for your hard work, in order to save lives and give us a better life quality. Keep rocking!

  71. I work as a vet tech in biomedical research, and our investigators are some of the most dedicated, caring and passionate people I’ve ever met. These brilliant scientists work to make our lives and our pet’s lives better, and it breaks my heart they are in fear for their safety. We MUST stand up against bullying, harassment, and this horrible fear-mongering by so-called animal rights activists.

    Research saves lives. Research vastly improves quality of life. These researchers are HEROES. They need our support.

  72. As an Italian researcher, you have my complete support. Animal right activists are becoming quite a a problem over here too.

  73. All our support from Mexico and the scientists from Instituto Nacional de
    Enfermedades Respiratorias (The national institute of Respiratory Diseases).
    We PRO-TEST!!!!!
    Carolina García-de-Alba

  74. We support you in the name of responsible & important scientific research, and protest against malicious harrassment.

  75. I stand against a violence that doesn’t want to hear and talk, I stand against ad ideology that impose a point of view with intimidations, I stand against an extremism that I’ve seen so many times in Italy.
    I Pro.Test for Science with UCLA Researchers!

  76. Thank you for standing up for science! Your courage is inspiring. I Pro-Test for Science!

  77. From Monza, Italy:
    Ddn’t give up! It’s time dialogue and reason put an end to violence, in deeds and words.

  78. Researchers at UCLA deserve total support against this absurd attack. Thank you for letting them know that they are not alone and that we are grateful for their everyday work. I Pro-Test for Science!
    Together we can make a difference!

  79. I Pro.Test for Science! I Pro.Test for Science!
    I stand against the culture of animal rights extremism/terrorism. Lab Animal Research saves lives and increases the health of humans and animals including family and friends of the people who protest and their pets.

  80. I Pro-Test for Science! I support my colleagues at UCLA and admire your dedication and perseverance in continuing research. Thank you.

  81. Lab Animal Research saves lives including family and friends of the people who protests. They are blind not to know that. Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

    Jefferson Childs

  82. I Pro-Test for science and believe that all of us in the research community should be proud of what we do and do our best to educate others.

  83. From Brazil, where we are now suffering from these activists who have no idea what is a scientific research. If all countries ban the tests and someone die for a untested new drug, who will be incriminated?

  84. Thank you for standing up for Science and Research involving animals which is so vital to what we do for human and animal health!!!

  85. From Italy, where we deal with a much similar “opposition” you have all my thanks, support and gratitude. Thank you for your courage.
    Never give up, never give in, never cruel or cowardly!

  86. Always against any pervasive ignorance, forever supporting knowledge and research.

  87. Thank you for staying strong and standing tall on behalf of all the people and animals who benefit from your caring and commitment. We all benefit!

  88. I Pro-Test for Science!
    Keep fighting the good fight – I will speak for my friends and Colleagues here at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine when I say you have our support!

  89. Regardless of what one’s view is on animal research, the fact of the matter is that the use of intimidation, threats, harassment, and violence is NOT the way to go about to getting change.

    I am with you 100% wholeheartedly, UCLA. Let’s gogogogogo!

  90. Wish I could be there in person. Thank you for your strength and pride and for all the loving work you do for animals and people. Am sending love and positive energy!

  91. Thank you for your amazing braveness for the good of our society. Thank you for leading this incredible effort for all of us. You can count on my support!

  92. For all those who have died from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and brain injury we owe it to you to find the means to lessen the suffering. For those who SURVIVE cancer, heart disease, diabetes, brain injury and those who have survived polio, smallpox, and diptheria we say an insurmountable thankyou to the researchers and animals in their care for their contribution to the health of America and beyond.

  93. Kudos to Pro-Test for Science and UCLA for having the courage to stand up for the responsible use of animals in research! What we do is noble and important. All of us – including our pets – have been affected by disease and have benefited from the incredible medical advances that have only happened through animal research. I wish I could be there with you on the 15th – I’ll be there in spirit!

  94. Thank you for taking a stand for progress! You are an inspiration to others working in this noble work.

  95. One of the biggest losses for the scientists who spend time speaking to the world about the importance of animal research, is the research they could do if they did not have to fight for their work. Their choices allow others to continue their work without the burden. “Speaking of Research” is so much more than speaking – it is actions that will benefit our animals, our researchers and even those who have chosen to use violence. I thank you and support your noble actions.

  96. Great job to everyone at the UCLA Pro-Test! You are doing a commendable thing and I support you 100% Wish I could be there instead of Chicago!

  97. Thanks for taking the lead on fighting back against these groups and individuals who feel they are above the law and feel their cause allows them to put people at risk for injury or death.

  98. Janet R. Schofding
    “Progress is impossible without change, and those who
    cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.”
    — George Bernard Shaw: Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics

  99. Full and total support from Bari, Italy. Don’t ever give in to the demonstrations of stupidity and foolishness showed by these self-called activists. I Pro-test together with you.

  100. Thank you, UCLA, for organizing this important event in support of the dedicated and compassionate scientists who conduct life-saving biomedical research!

  101. Science saves life… As a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor (20 years since diagnosis this summer) I Pro-Test!

  102. Full Support from Milan (Italy) from a medic biotechnology student (University of Milan)

  103. I Pro-Test for Science and give my full support my colleagues at UCLA as they stand up to extremism on the 15th

  104. There are many who stand with you. Hopefully, with you leading the way and speaking up for science, more scientists and non-scientists will join you. Many of us in Texas are with you.

  105. I Pro-Test for Science. Harassment, threats, firebombings and other illegal activities are counter to any constructive dialogue. I support my colleagues at UCLA for taking a stand and thank them for carrying the weight of these challenges. Your perseverance to continue your research benefits all humans and animals, including those that persecute you. I thank you and support you from afar.

  106. I wish I could be there to support my fellow brave researchers. I’m so proud of your dedication to our industry and improving the lives of humans and animals alike. Please know that we are with you in spirit and rallying with you on the 15th. Thank you for all you do! Let’s make some noise!!!!

  107. I Pro-Test for Science and support the UCLA group in their efforts to fight against harassment and violence.

  108. I Pro-Test for Science.

    I will be at the demonstration of Feb 15, like I was at the demonstrations before. I support my colleagues who do animal research at UCLA and around the world. Tell animal rights terrorists to go away!

  109. Congratulations to our brave scientists using animals to benefit both animals and people’s lives. It is time to step up to the plate and expose the animal rights zeolites ignorance on the issues and educate the public on their absurd accusations.

    Dennis J. Foster

  110. I Pro-Test for Science. I am very happy to see that scientists and others that understand the value and importance of research using animals are standing up for that right!!! I wish I could be there on February 15th, but will be thinking of you. Good luck!!

  111. Animal research helped relieve my spinal pain. It’s saved lives and so long as there is no alternative, I’ll continue to support it.

    Kevin Elliott.

  112. I Pro-Test for Science!

    I want to put an end to this era of terrorism!
    All my support to scientists at UCLA and I hope everything will be fine on the 15th!

  113. I will be with you in spirit on the 15th. Stand strong and THANK YOU for fighting back!

  114. I support scientific progress. I do not in any way support bigotry from animal fetishists. Keep up the fight against ignorance and hate mongering.

  115. I Pro-Test for Science.

    In 2011, the American Physiological Society issued this condemnation of extremism and harassment:

    “Knowledge obtained through research with animals has saved many lives and improved the quality of life for millions of people and animals. Scientists recognize that they have ethical duties both to relieve suffering through research as well as to provide humane care for the animals in their charge. Moreover, the use of animals in research is subject to strict regulatory oversight.

    “Harassment, threats, and violence in the name of animal rights contribute nothing to the betterment of animal welfare. These tactics are all the more abhorrent since animal research continues to play an essential role in efforts to discover causes, preventions, treatments, and cures for diseases that afflict both humans and animals.”

  116. I Pro-Test for Science. People have to become aware of the price paid by scientists to help humanity and the price that humanity would pay if they were not. Best to all on February 15th.
    Doris Doudet

  117. Stay strong! Lots of support from your addiction research friends at Wake Forest School of Medicine. You are an inspiration to scientists all around the world.

  118. I Pro-Test for Science, and will be at the rally on the 15th. For those of you reading this that cannot be there, but would still like to show your support, please you comments here so that the world can see the strength of our solidarity! – Gene Rukavina

  119. UCLA is one of the top five research institutions in the United States. UCLA has also been one of the top universities for animal rights protestors and home demonstrations. Let’s change that! Let’s make UCLA the place where the community stands up and supports our researchers! No one should live in fear because they have chosen to help humanity. The amazing work UCLA does will continue and I will continue to support you. I will always be with you!

  120. Awesome UCLA! Way to put a compassionate face on science. We love animals, too, including humans.

  121. I support you and the amazing work you do. Its people like you that are saving lives. Without your amazing work none of us would be alive today.

  122. Glad to see that scientists are demonstrating back in such an effective way. Keep up the good work.

  123. I Pro-Test for Science. All the best to David Jentsch, Dario Ringach and all the brave scientists and colleagues who join them on February 15th.
    Tom Holder

  124. Wish that all of us across the country who support you, your colleagues, civil dialogue, and science could be there to stand with you to end these attacks and harassment. All of those who have an interest in civil dialogue and who benefit from scientific research can see that the harassment, fear-campaigns, and violence directed at UCLA scientists in their homes is the wrong path and should have stopped long ago. You have the support and admiration of many — best wishes for a successful rally and hope that those engaging in home harassment can finally see it must stop.

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