2 thoughts on “Research institutions have a moral responsibility to defend their research programs and scientists

  1. Institutional public relation departments have to be pro-active to assist researchers in presenting the value of the research work. Too often the PR personnel are either to late in responding or are not sufficiently informed about the basic research programs.
    Pro-active tours and open houses for the public and the press almost always are well worth the time and effort.
    I would hope this article is widely circulated to the research community and their administrations and its tenants are taken seriously.

  2. Excellent article. I could not agree more. Institutions need to fully support their faculty, staff, and students who study animals, and they need to do so proactively. They also need to support the broader animal research community. And, they need to work together to present a clear and factual picture of the nature of animal research and compliance with ethical guidelines to counter the misinformation campaigns that often are directed at that research.

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