#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Undoing #VaccineHesitancy and #AntiVaxxer Misinformation

April 30th 2021Justin Varholick, Sangy Panicker, and Jeremy D. Bailoo TL;DR Get vaccinated, do not spread misinformation, educate your friends, family and colleagues, and confront your fears. Twenty five years ago, Andrew Wakefield published a series of fabricated studies claiming that the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism—giving birth to the modern “anti-vaxxer” movement … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Undoing #VaccineHesitancy and #AntiVaxxer Misinformation

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Addressing #AntiVaxxers, #VaccineHesitancy and #VaccineEquity

April 29th 2021Sangy Panicker, Allyson J. Bennett, Amanda Dettmer & Jeremy D. Bailoo As we have described in our previous two posts (1, 2), the public misinformation campaigns by Andrew Wakefield exacerbated the modern day anti-vaxxer crisis as we know it. Like most issues, however, there are not only extreme cases—i.e., individuals who never or … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Addressing #AntiVaxxers, #VaccineHesitancy and #VaccineEquity

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021 – The post-Wakefield fallout

Originally posted April 24th 2019, Updated April 28th 2021. In our previous piece, we showed how Andrew Wakefield fabricated data claiming that the MMR vaccine caused autism. The fallout of this fabrication―the birth of the modern “anti-vaxxer” movement―continues to exert its influence on public health to this day. Subsequent to Wakefield’s studies and claims, researcher’s … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021 – The post-Wakefield fallout

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021 – The MMR-Andrew Wakefield Scandal

Originally posted April 23rd 2019, updated April 27th 2021 In our previous posts, we highlighted how vaccines work and all of the effort that goes into ensuring safety and efficacy—with specific emphasis on COVID-19 vaccines. While many countries in the world are struggling to control the pandemic, with limited or no access to vaccines, the … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021 – The MMR-Andrew Wakefield Scandal

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Everything you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccines

April 26th 2021; Updated August 19th 2021Allyson J. Bennett, Sangy Panicker, Amanda Dettmer & Jeremy D. Bailoo In our previous post, we provided descriptions of how and why vaccines work and detailed how safety and efficacy are evaluated for the lifetime of any vaccine that is in use. In this piece we delve into the … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Everything you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccines

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Vaccinations, how and why they work

Originally posted April 22nd 2019, Updated April 25th 2021 In light of #WorldImmunizationWeek we are doing a series of posts which highlight facts pertaining to vaccine production, and how safety and efficacy is assessed. We also highlight the historical aspects that lead to the “anti-vaxxer” movement and why critical consideration of the facts pertaining to … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Vaccinations, how and why they work

#WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Vaccines Bring Us Closer #VaccinesWork

April 24th 2021 It is timely that #WorldImmunizationWeek starts today as COVID-19 case counts and deaths continue to spike globally. This global public health campaign, to raise awareness and increase rates of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world takes place each year during the last week of April. The theme this year is Vaccine … Continue reading #WorldImmunizationWeek 2021: Vaccines Bring Us Closer #VaccinesWork

Is it vegan or not? A proposal to clearly label medications

April 22nd 2021Allyson J. Bennett, Jeremy D. Bailoo, Justin Varholick COVID-19 vaccines do not contain eggs or animal products, according to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).  This bit of information appears on the NHS website along with responses to other frequently asked questions. The UK’s Kirlees Council has a graphic to match: While the … Continue reading Is it vegan or not? A proposal to clearly label medications