Juul e-cigs to be banned from sale in the US—protects children

June 23rd 2022

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FDA plans to ban the sale of Juul E-cigarettes in the US. At a time when lawmakers are stagnated and continually stymied in passing legislation to protect the most vulnerable of our population—children—this news is indeed welcome. This is not the first ruling on the ban of vaping and other e-cigarette products. However, the ruling on the Juul brand of these products has been continually delayed. Juul products have been under scrutiny from regulators, lawmakers and state attorneys general over the appeal of its nicotine products to children and teenagers. Given that the harmful effects of nicotine across various critical points in development (e.g., during pregnancy, childhood and teenage years) as well as the consequential increased probability of transitioning to consumption of nicotine products, we at Speaking of Research applaud the FDA for their continued commitment to protecting the lives of children. Of course, our knowledge of these harmful effects of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and tobacco containing products, as well as methods to break the cycle of addiction, owes much to animal research. 

Source: How bad are e-cigarettes? What can we learn from animal exposure models?

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