“Piglets into Personalized Avatars” is #SciComm done right!

Yesterday, Ed Yong, a science writer for The Atlantic, published a fantastic article describing how miniature pigs are now being relied upon as personalized models of devastating diseases. His article described how Dr. Dhanu Shanmuganayagam is using the gene-editing technique CRISPR to create pigs that have the specific mutations of particular individuals with the disease neurofibromatosis … Continue reading “Piglets into Personalized Avatars” is #SciComm done right!

How to build a lung

Tissue engineering, a field that combines cell biology, engineering, and materials science to manufacture tissues - and more recently even whole organs - to replace those lost to injury or illness, must be one of the most exciting areas in modern medicine. Since the earliest reports about a mouse with a human ear growing on … Continue reading How to build a lung