Want information on animal research? animalresearch.info!

A new website created by the RDS has been launched a couple of days ago. Animalresearch.info allows scientists to make their own contributions (subject to moderation) to add to the already vast repository of information on “the contribution of animal research to medical science“.

The website offers in-depth information on Nobel Prize winners, drug developments in the last century, different animal models, the drug development process, and much, much more. There are some great downloadable resources which you can use to help make the case for animal research.

Hopefully websites like this will help fight back against the saturation the internet by misinformation on animal research.

AnimalResearch.info is an international collaboration of scientists and researchers. As expert contributors, we provide and edit the content, making it as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Science is a process, and sometimes there are competing theories – this is not the place where they do battle. This site gives the consensus opinion. If there is not yet consensus then those mainstream theories with the most supporting evidence are considered, and their flaws noted.

There is a thorough verification process to validate the credentials of our contributors. All content is fully referenced, peer-reviewed, scientific research which registered scientists may edit at any time.