Speaking of Research to debate in Ireland

Tom Holder, Speaking of Research spokesman, is to travel to the oldest student society in the world (founded 1770), the Trinity College Dublin Historical Society (colloquially, “The Hist”), to debate the issue “This house belives that Trinity has too little respect for Nature“. Holder will oppose a speaker from the Irish Anti-Vivisection Society, as well as sharing the floor with several student speakers on each side.

Animal Research become a hot topic at Trinity College with several groups forming against the activity. Holder recently defended animal research in a student newspaper Op-Ed piece.

Animal research is strictly regulated in both Ireland and the UK, with new projects having to pass ethics committees to ensure that the potential benefit to humans outweighs the cost to the animals involved. Underpinning the high welfare standards are the 3Rs; replacement of animal methods with alternatives wherever possible, reducing the number of animals used, and refining our care for animals by ensuring suitable enrichment activities.

The debate will take place on Wednesday 4th February, at 7:15



Paul Browne