Bloggers fighting back against AR misinformation

It's not ordinarily that I report on the actions of bloggers but it was so refreshing to see their immediate responses to a newspaper article by Simon Chaitowitz. Simon Chaitowitz is the former communications director of PCRM - a psuedo-science organisation whose former spokesman was none other than Jerry violence-against-researchers-is-justified Vlasak. Chaitowitz, who is sadly … Continue reading Bloggers fighting back against AR misinformation

Help Defend Animal Research – AMP offers $5,000 Fellowships

Americans for Medical Progress are accepting applications for new Michael D. Hayre Fellows in Public Outreach. The program is aimed at students and young adults (18-30)  who feel that they can help improve the public understanding of animal research. Successful applicants will receive a $5,000 stipend, as well as the full support of both Americans … Continue reading Help Defend Animal Research – AMP offers $5,000 Fellowships

AR extremism continues in California

As the UK justice system convicts and sentences some of the last extremists, the US situation continues to worsen. Attacks on researchers at UCLA have been on the increase over the past year, and there is little sign of scientists and academic institutions standing up to defend the life-saving medical research they carry out. There … Continue reading AR extremism continues in California