Now the Oscar for Best Biomedical Research

A cutting edge procedure performed by Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick (star of the BBC’s new show The Bionic Vet) provided Oscar a new way to walk around, which means that he will not need to be euthanized. This video caught my attention and still is exciting to watch. I decided to look into the story behind the bionic surgery success story.

Here’s a quick timeline


Andrea Knipe

One thought on “Now the Oscar for Best Biomedical Research

  1. It’s a facinating development, and has a huge potential to improve human and veterinary medicine. Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick was on Radio 4 this morning discussing the “one life, one medicine” educational charity that he is founding to help this kind of interdisciplinary research:

    I expect that this charity will play a similar role in the UK to that played by the “One Health Initiative” in the US:

    Dr. Fitzpatrick has more about this and other work on his own website at:

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