Statistically Speaking the UK Counts Too

As Speaking of Research becomes increasingly active both sides of the pond we have had an increase in visitors wishing to find UK based statistics. They can now rest assured that such information is available on the UK Statistics page (subsection of Facts). As a result we have renamed our US Statistics page (although the link remains unchanged).

In the UK the Home Office (which issues project licenses) counts all invertebrates (so no numbers on fruit flies or nematode worms) including mice and rats. One can clearly see that mice, rats, fish and birds account for 97% of all animals used in research. Monkeys, cats and dogs together account for approximately 0.1%.

Wealso provide information on types of animals, numbers of animals (and how that has changed over time) and how other uses of animals (e.g. food) measure up to research in the UK. Please peruse the statistics page at your leisure.