Basel Declaration Calls for Solidarity with Researchers at University of Milan

The Basel Declaration have called for a show of solidarity with researchers at the University of Milan who had years of work destroyed when animal rights activists broke into the facility. See previous two links for more background information. Please sign this call of solidarity and share the link.

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Dear friends, colleagues and everybody in support of biomedical and basic research,

on Saturday April  20, 2013, a research animal facility of  the University of Milano and the National Institute of Neurosciences got devastated by animal rights extremists. Mice requiring special care were abducted and a large number of invaluable and long-term experiments to study neurological diseases for which no cures exist such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others were destroyed due to these senseless acts.

In discussion with Prof. Francesco Clementi, a signatory of the Basel Declaration and renowned pharmacologist whose research was devastated by the attack,  we have decided to ask you to join us in an international call for solidarity to strongly condemn these violent and extremist acts against researchers and their animals.

Therefore, we now ask you to show your solidarity with the Italian colleagues, whose research has been so badly hurt at this time. What happened in Milan, can happen anywhere anytime if we do not stop it! In democratic societies, we can no longer accept extremist acts against researchers devoted to basic and medical research, which is key to finding cures and/or better treatments for the many still devastating and deadly diseases.  We need to send a very strong message to the extremists, but also to politicians, lawmakers and law enforcement officials that unfortunately do not always act forceful enough to prevent and/or interfere with such extremist acts.

Our colleagues in Milano deserve your support as they are part of the large academic researcher community that devotes enormous efforts and time, often at personal expense, to gain an understanding of the disease mechanisms and find ways to interfere with or even cure them. Their research is key to continue to improve health care for us, our children and the generations to come.

As we are a 100% grass-root organization, we critically depend on your forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues and asking them to pledge their support as well.  Simply ask them to go to  and sign!

I would like to thank you for your support and forwarding this email to others!

Very best regards,

Prof. Rolf Zeller
President of the Basel Declaration Society


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