4,000 People Stand Firm Behind Animal Research

The Basel Declaration has collected over 4,000 signatures in the week since its Call for Solidarity behind researchers at the University of Milan.

After the terrible break in at the University of Milan by animal rights extremists, the Basel Declaration sent out an email where they said:

In discussion with Prof. Francesco Clementi, a signatory of the Basel Declaration and renowned pharmacologist whose research was devastated by the attack,  we have decided to ask you to join us in an international call for solidarity to strongly condemn these violent and extremist acts against researchers and their animals.

Therefore, we now ask you to show your solidarity with the Italian colleagues, whose research has been so badly hurt at this time. What happened in Milan, can happen anywhere anytime if we do not stop it! In democratic societies, we can no longer accept extremist acts against researchers devoted to basic and medical research, which is key to finding cures and/or better treatments for the many still devastating and deadly diseases.  We need to send a very strong message to the extremists, but also to politicians, lawmakers and law enforcement officials that unfortunately do not always act forceful enough to prevent and/or interfere with such extremist acts.

So, we urge everyone to share this petition on Facebook and Twitter:

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This news comes as Pro-Test Italia announce that they will be holding a demonstration in support of medical research using animals, and against animal rights extremism, on Saturday 1st June 2013. It will start at 3pm by Via Mercanti in Milan (more details on Facebook).

Scientists take to the streets of Milan!
They’re Pro-Test. Are you?

We urge all scientists and members of the public in and around Milan to join this rally. We hope it may mark a turning point in the way that animal research is explained in the Italian media after a string of bad publicity.

Speaking of Research

Addenum: The call gained over 5,500 signatures

12 thoughts on “4,000 People Stand Firm Behind Animal Research

  1. Some say we should not test on animals. We should leave those that are suffering behind? What if you, your parents or children are threathened by a pandemic, a virus? http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc1215691#.UYr6Ndhbnbw.blogger
    What about those that have cancer and wish for a cure for themselves or their relatives, friends or neighbours? Scientists are there to help find answers, understand the disease, its causes and communication pathways. Remember those by the thousands that have died of AIDS/HIV , influenza’s ? Where is hope coming from ? Where are the answers coming from? Rather than lambashing scientists thank them for the valuable life saving research they do!
    As for those that revert to violence and threats – the trail to jail is ready and so is society for we all need medical progress! Join the march and be Pro-Test.

  2. I don’t like that this is turning into an ANIMAL RIGHTS or RESEARCH TO SAVE HUMANS debate. We have real issues with the way that abuse other-than-human life, and researchers have developed practices which they have deemed ethical. … so other-than-human animals need rights, and we really want to do research. Hopefully the people that care about either or BOTH can continue to improve our situation without resorting violence.

    In other words, it’s fine to condemn the activists but don’t condemn “other-than-human animal rights.”

    1. It is animal rights vs animal welfare… and yes, it is a debate independent of those that recur to violence to enforce their views on others.

  3. Stevie, the lab in Milan was targeted simply because ot was an easy target, no other reason. The animal rights extremists didn’t care how good the research there was or how well cared for the animals were – and on both scores the lab scores highly – they just wanted to wreck and steal. They cannot be allowed to win!

  4. Yea, Bob, I use comments sections of articles as the basis from which I adopt beliefs about science and scientific research. How irresponsible of you.

  5. Seriously Bob? Its ignorant comments like yours that make scientists all seem like ignorant pricks and stop people from even listening to what types of standards and practices actually exits.

  6. The article is pretty vague on exactly what kind of research goes on in this Italian testing facility, I am sure there is a reason they were targeted by an animal rights group.

  7. OR we could spray those chemicals into a pig’s face and save millions of lives with cancer. Damn, I guess we should start sacrificing humans that are capable of cognizant thought instead of walking, shitting, derp machines.

    1. Many humans believe that other-than-human animals don’t deserve the same rights as you. It is very common to believe they we can ethically abuse and eventually end their lives for the purpose of research. We (humans) have a long history of abusing other-than-human animals… and while I don’t agree with this type to civil disobedience, I agree with your statement. I believe time is on our side too. Eventually, I think humans will recognize the sacredness of other-than-human forms for life, and show them the respect, gratitude and appreciation we all deserve.

      1. Certainly all living beings deserve moral consideration… but is it all “sacred”?! What do you mean exactly? Do you mean in a religious sense? Are bacteria sacred?

      2. reply to darioringach

        To answer your question above… maybe “sacred” is too esoteric a term for you. That’s fine. How about valuable? All life, even bacterial life has inherent value. Why DO you suggest that bacterial life is somehow less valuable? Why DO you think your life is MORE valuable? These are our inherited bias, but they are by no means fact. They are value laden beliefs. … and they are generally self-serving, and used to rationalize the suffering the other animate beings. They may be true of course. Perhaps it is true that anything not as dominant as us, deserves to be used as we see fit.

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