Frequently Asked Questions up on Website

We have just put a new FAQ up on the website which covers five of the most frequently asked questions we get about animal research. They are:

  • Aren’t animals different than people?
  • Don’t we have alternatives to animal research?
  • Is all research on cats, dogs and primates?
  • Don’t the animals suffer in experiments?
  • Who cares for animals’ welfare in labs?

It is important that the scientific community deals with all types of queries from the public about animal testing. This FAQ aims to address some of the most basic questions that those interested about animal experiments may have, however it is also important to debunk many of the myths which are propagated by animal rights groups (e.g. Doesn’t aspirin kill cats).

Speaking of Research aims to provide clear and accurate information about the role of animals in research. If you feel there is more information that would be helpful then please let us know.

One thought on “Frequently Asked Questions up on Website

  1. Hey Tom –
    I’d be genuinely interested to know how many labs you’ve actually been in and the broad types of research you’ve seen? Some of the statements you repeatedly make (particularly in relation to what animals may and do experience) imply either naivety or an attempt to mislead #credibility

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