Everyday Progress – Keeping up with Research

Medical Progress is made every day around the world. Some involves cell cultures, some involves computers, and some involves animals. There are many ways of following these developments – in Science or Nature journals, on newspaper science pages, or on social media; such as the “I F***ing Love Science” page.

A scientist carrying the journals Science and Nature

There are also a few places for following the latest animal research which are worth sharing (Other than our own coverage of breakthroughs)

UAR Animal Research News Feed

This feed provides a daily dose of animal research. Scroll through the page to find stories from previous days. This feed has a slightly UK focus, though it covers many developments from other countries as well. They post many of these links on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

FBR Total E-Clips

You can read the stories from this feed by clicking the dates on the archive on the right hand side. Alternatively you can sign up to have them delivered to your inbox. FBR also provide lots of links on their Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of Research Twitter Feed

We post a lot of interesting stories on our Twitter feed. Feel free to alert to other stories us via @speakofresearch and we’ll retweet them to our members.