Speaking of Research debate at Imperial College London

As part of the Big Animal Research Debate taking place across the UK (and beyond). Speaking of Research founder, Tom Holder, will be debating Alistair Currie (formerly employed by both BUAV and PETA). The debate will be at Imperial College London, one of the world’s top universities at 7pm (UTC+1).

The event will be streamed live and can be watched below:

After the event, the stream should be viewable as a recording.
Please get involved in the conversation on Twitter by following @AnimalArguments (the official BARD account) and using the hashtag #BARD to tweet their thoughts.

Other universities debating tonight are: Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Newcastle, Westminster, Swansea, Essex, Glasgow, Southampton, Sheffield Hallam, Queen’s University Belfast, the New College of the Humanities and the London School of Economics (LSE). Live streams will also be running at the LSE event from 6.30pm (UTC+1) and Queen’s University Belfast, 7pm (UTC+1) (see below for videos):

You can keep abreast of the results on the BARD website. At the moment it is reassuring to see so many debating societies opposing a ban on all animal research.