Website Updates – Expanding Information

We’ve been slowly updating some of the static pages of our website.

Ever wondered how it all began? Check out our History of Speaking of Research page. Want to know debunk pseudoscientific myths by activists? Check out our expanding list of them on the Animal Rights Pseudoscience page (previously called “Bad Science”). Want to know about similar campaigns? We recently expanded our information on Pro-Test movements across the world.

We are also trying to bring you the latest statistics on animal research in different countries. We already have the US, UK and now the EU, but would like to add more. If you have the statistics for other countries around the world, please send them to us.

What else would you like to see on the website? More pictures? More information on regulations or medical benefits? More information on animal rights groups? Please leave a comment or otherwise contact us.

Macaques are common in neuroscience. Image Credit: CNPRC/Speaking of Research
Macaques get a tasty treat. Image Credit: CNPRC/Speaking of Research