Does your institution talk about its animal research?

A position statement can help an institution be open and transparent about why and how it uses animals in its biomedical research. This can help pre-empt questions from the public or media, it can provide a basis for replying to news stories, and it shows its researchers that it is proud of the important work they do. For this reason we believe all institutions should have a public statement (see ours).

With the help of our readers we’ve been creating a list of the position statements. This list currently encompasses 161 research institutions including universities, pharmaceuticals, medical research charities and funding bodies.

Check if your institution is on the list

Country Number of web statements
Number of institutions doing animal research
Canada 4 More than 4
Germany 7 More than 7
Netherlands 1 More than 1
Switzerland 2 More than 2
United Kingdom 76 More than 76
United States 56 More than 56
International 15 More than 15

Clearly our list is incomplete (though to the UK’s credit, their list of web statements accounts for a significant proportion of institutions doing animal research). This is partly because our list is missing some existing statements, and partly because some institutions do not have a statement. We need your help to expand the list.

To that end, we’ve made a handy flow chart to help you work out what to do once you’ve checked if your institution is on our list.

Institutioinal positioin statementFind our article ‘What makes a good animal research statementhere. Also, take a look at some of these exemplary position statements and webpages about animal research:

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