Say NO to the harassment of Christine Lattin by PETA activists

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What would someone need to do to deserve threats online, protests at their place of work, and the publication of their image and home address? According to PETA, they would just need to be a researcher that works on animals.

PETA activists protesting outside the annual meeting of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology in Long Beach, California, in June 2017

Christine Lattin is a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University who studies birds in order to better understand the impact of stress on animals and humans. In her own words:

The focus of my research is to understand how different neurotransmitters and hormones help animals successfully choose mates, raise young, escape from predators, and survive harsh winters and other challenging conditions. One of the major areas of my research is the stress response. While stress helps animals and humans survive and cope with challenges, too much stress is bad and leads to health problems. Understanding stress in wild animal populations is important because stressors like habitat destruction, climate change, and species invasions now affect most, if not all, animal species.

Christine believes in openness and transparency, which is why she runs a website where she explains more about her research – this can help educate the public on the importance of the work she does. It is well worth a read: All of Dr Lattin’s work has been approved by the Yale Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and all of it must comply with the Ornithological Council’s ‘Guidelines to the use of wild birds in research’.

PETA do not like animal research, and PETA do not like Christine Lattin. Why did they choose to focus on her? Who knows. Is it because she is young? Female? Not yet tenured? While avian research is not a common target for animal rights groups, the fact she studies stress would fit the typical choice of target.

PETA Facebook post on Christine Lattin
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In May, PETA set up an alert to allow individuals to send emails to administrators at Yale University, demanding that the institution “put an immediate end to Lattin’s experiments on birds”. Her research is presented as cruel, curiosity-driven torture. These misleading claims are put next to images of Christine for any activist to see.

Let us briefly examine some of the claims made by PETA:

“Some birds were fed crude oil, and others’ legs were wounded without any pain relief. After weeks and sometimes months of repeated abuse, they’re then killed. Not only are the experiments extremely cruel, they’re also wasteful because important physiological differences between species make the results inapplicable to humans or other birds.”

The oil research provides an example of how Christine’s research is misrepresented. Context is crucial. The study involved putting small amounts of oil into the food (equal to 1% of food weight) of captured wild sparrows. While there were no obvious outward signs this had any effect, and many potential biomarkers of oil exposure in the blood were also normal, blood sampling revealed that birds were not able to secrete normal concentrations of stress hormones after exposure to a standardized stressor (a brief period of restraint in a clean, breathable cloth bag) and an injection of adrenocorticotropic hormone. Contrary to the PETA claim that such research was not applicable to other species, Christine explicitly states the relevance of her research to other birds in her publication: “as a passerine species, they are taxonomically similar to many birds living in coastal and riparian areas contaminated by oil, such as seaside sparrows (Ammodramus maritimus) and tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor).” Furthermore, this research is already being used by other researchers to show health problems and deaths observed in wild dolphins and sea turtles after Deepwater Horizon were due to oil exposure. On the claim that birds’ “legs were wounded without any pain relief”, this is categorically false. A brief glimpse at the original paper shows that the birds were anesthetised (using isoflurane, the general anesthetic recommended by the Ornithological Council because of its safety in birds):

“[W]e administered a small superficial wound to either the left or right thigh of birds using a 4 mm biopsy punch […] Prior to wounding we anesthetized birds using isoflurane.”

The PETA alert began a string of abuse on Twitter:

PETA activist tweets against Christine Lattin
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From the merely aggressive “All you do is torture and slaughter birds for USELESS research” to the outright threatening “She should be put out of her misery” and “I am the bump in the night for you Christine Lattin unless you resign”. One hopes that PETA will be policing these comments and reporting them to Twitter, though I sadly doubt it.

It is worth taking a moment to thank the many people who came to Christine’s aid on Twitter (and there were many people). One user noted:

Another noted the hypocrisy of PETA, noting a recent incident where PETA had to pay $49,000 to settle a lawsuit after they stole and put down a young girl’s pet chihuahua.

As some might expect, the comments have not been limited to Twitter. As a result of the PETA campaign, Christine has received numerous hateful and threatening emails. No researcher, particularly one still taking their first steps in research, should have to deal with this sort of harassment.

In the latest stunt, PETA activist (note the PETA email address), has organised a protest outside Christine’s home.

A screenshot from a home protest set up by PETA activist to be outside the home of Christine Lattin. Her address has been blotted out, and we have highlighted certain details in red.

There are four things to note from this event:

  1. A protest is planned outside Christine’s home (where her husband and child also live)
  2. Inflammatory language and false claims are made in the text.
  3. It is set up by an official PETA campaigner, Katerina Davidovich. The fact she is an official PETA campaigner is evidenced by her PETA email address.
  4. She/PETA will be providing all materials for the protest.

PETA are irresponsible in their decision to put the home address of Christine and her family in the public domain, next to false claims. We roundly condemn PETA for their actions and hope they not only remove all details of their upcoming home protest but also issue a prominent apology to Christine for the harassment she has received.

Please join us in condemning this campaign of harassment by PETA. We hope many scientists will leave a message of support for Christine alongside their name, role, and institution.

Speaking of Research

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351 thoughts on “Say NO to the harassment of Christine Lattin by PETA activists

  1. To hell with peta. Those sick fucks don’t do shit to help animals. All they do is harrass people and make people want to puke with their shock campaigns.

  2. Stay strong Dr. Lattin! Harassment sucks! Do what you can to stay positive and poised in this stressful time.
    We, the scientific community, are with you. They are science denying manipulative abusers. Environmentalist over here applauds your line of research. Knowing how our petroleum dependence affects the world around us is important if we are to do less harm to our animal friends in the wild. Keep up the good work and don’t let the uninformed peanut gallery slow you down.

  3. Ich weiß nicht, was die wirklichen Ziele von PETA sind, aber ganz sicher ist es nicht Tierschutz.

    Liebe Frau Lettin,

    ich wünsche Ihnen Stärke und Mut, damit sie sich nicht von dieser verlogenen, publicitygeilen Organisation entmutigen lassen.

    Ihre Forschung finde ich gut und wichtig.

    Alles Gute für Sie und Ihre Familie.

  4. Dear Dr. Lattin,
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you to stay strong, and not to let these bullies get to you.


  5. PETA is nothing short of an extremist group of bullies. Yale must protect Ms Lattin and make it very clear that PETA will be considered accountable for whatever happens to her. Period.

  6. Dr. Lattin,
    This morning an acquaintance on Facebook shared PETA’s video attacking you and your research program and I have spent the day furious about all the bullshit you have had to go through. Thank you for continuing your research and outreach with openness and composure. If there is anything we can do to help you deal with all of this (like write supportive letters to Yale or something like that) please let us know! You are an inspiration to young researchers everywhere!
    Sarah Winnicki, Kansas State graduate student

  7. I support your work, Christine. PETA are liars and kill thousands of animals themselves each year in their “shelter”. I rather listen to scientists than to radical activists.

  8. Stupid people does not understand the importance of knowledge. The organisation is too short sighted to see the greater benefits your work would go for the animals. These people are the reason why the human race cannot advance. They are the reason why more animals have to be slaughtered every year. They talk about all these animal rights bullshit but you don’t see them funding any of these research which could potentially save the animals that they are desperately claim to protect

  9. As a fellow scientist (although in a completely different field), I fully support your work, Christine Lattin. As a fellow human, I condemn the actions taken by PETA in every way. I cannot understand how they want their actions to be taken seriously when they cannot even prove their cause but with lies.
    Science cannot and will not be influenced by fear, hatred and false claims – we will stand together.

  10. Ignorant statements made by organisations such as PETA create hysteria about projects that are attempting to do some good in this world. PETA should be supporting this not demonising it. Keep up the good work so future generations may enjoy an abundance of wildlife.

  11. Thank you for your research with the aim of improving animal welfare. Please keep it up.

  12. Christine, don’t allow these idiots to affect you or your work. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but no one with half a brain in the academic world will pay much attention to PETA, so don’t you worry about this affecting your career either. I pray that this passes and you find some relief soon.

  13. Please don’t let PETA win. Keep up your research. I’m sorry they went so far as to scare your child. Chin up.

  14. As an animal lover and veterinary technician, you have my full support. Thank you for the work you do!

  15. Go Lattin! Don’t let a vocal ignorant minority trick you into thinking they are a majority!

  16. Unfortunately, PETA’s actions are hardly unexpected in this era of false news. Keep up the great research. Eventually PETA’s interests will move on to some other unfortunate person. Too bad they can’t be shut down for making false claims.

  17. Not a scientist, but a vegan. PETA is nothing more than a gaggle of hypocrites using the same scare tactics as our dear leader to elicit anger and hate. Maybe if PETA actually spent their donations on education instead of fear, people would consume less animal products (which would be a giant leap forward). Shame on you fools. Try fact check before you hit the jump to conclusion button.

  18. I am not a scientist. However science is something I cherish in this world. I respect the great commitment that it takes for one to become a scientist. Do not let these uneducated bumpkins dissuade you from your work. Hold the torch of science high that it might illuminate the dark corners of the human consciousness. The world needs more humans like you. Please continue to do what you do. I envy the opportunities you have. I look forward to seeing your work continue, as my interest has been piqued and I intend on following your career. All the best.

  19. PETA adherents have about as much common sense & gravitas as flat earthers & anti vaccinators.
    Keep up the good work Dr Latin.
    Ken Baker BVSc, MACVS (Avian Health)

  20. PETA is nothing more than a bunch of ecoterrorist bullies. They should be dragged through the courts until they have nothing left but the clothes on their back. Keep up the good work, Dr. Lattin!

    Sincerely, Dr. Sebastian Horn

  21. Dont mind them they are just a commoner who think they are always right. Go and save the birds!

  22. I’m sorry you are going through this. We need more bright, brave, brilliant female scientists like you. Shame on PETA for bullying someone trying to help animals.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Tracy Satchell

  23. Hi, Dr. Lattin. It’s super easy: Sue PETA. Take their money. Fund more research. They are just a bunch of blue collars with too much free time on their hands to actually understand meaningful science with meaningful results. Regards from Argentina.

  24. Please keep up the great work you are doing. I hope this message of support will help you have the drive to continue working to save these birds.

  25. Keep up the good work! People from Peta don’t understand that you are actually trying to safe animals life’s with your stellar research.

  26. Supporting you 100%, Dr Lattin – hope that you are able to keep on with your valuable research. So sorry to hear about the harassment that you are receiving.

  27. You have my support Dr Lattin.
    Such a sustained, unethical and baseless attack is disturbing. My best wishes to you and your family.

    Sincerely, Dr Milne

  28. Thank you for the research you are doing. PETA is riddled with fanatics who understand nothing and have no ethics.

  29. PETA should be ashamed of their conduct, so dishonorable and unethical as to be appalling. You are working on a beautiful thing. I hope you can keep going with your work.

  30. Dr. Lattin, you are an inspiring researcher. I’ve always found PETA to be despicable, but this is beyond evil. Wishing you luck from Grand Rapids, MI.

  31. Its terrible that this is happening but do know that the world is by your side. Much love from Malaysia.

  32. It would appear that PETA and ethics are an oxymoron! Keep up the good work Christine, you are helping save species for the future of mankind not for bigoted extremists!

  33. Dr Lattin, I fully support your vital research into the effects of oil contamination on passerine bird species. In an age of environmental contamination and flauting of environmental regulations, you are performing an essential service to humanity and the animal kingdom in raising awareness of this particular type of ecotoxicology. PETA are a travesty masquerading as an animal rights organisation who are happy to kill pets in their rescues as a core policy to “free animals from human servitude”, despite archaeological evidence to the contrary. They are cowards picking on a soft target, a lone female researcher, and frankly have no business whatsoever in animal rights,

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the scum get to you!

  34. Keep fighting for science, Dr. Lattin! If you need material support, let us know how to donate or to otherwise help you by action.

  35. Thank you, Dr. Lattin, for your work, which has done more to save animals than anything PETA has ever done!

  36. As someone who follows a plant based diet I’m appalled by PETA’s ignorance here. There are WAY better uses of their time and resources. The work being done by you, Christine, is important and should be given the respect it is due. Thank you for your research and I’m truly sorry this is happening.

  37. Dr. Latin,
    I am a senior who is just now starting my journey into the research field. While I’m sure my research with Porifera will never even be a blip on PETAs radar, your journey and strength in the face of these baseless attacks and reprehensible actions are an inspiration to all young researchers trying to find our own path forward. My heart breaks for you and your family. That PETA would lie about your work to further their misguided and ill informed agenda comes as little surprise but to invade your personal space and subject your child to fear and intimidation is beyond the pale. Please know you are admired and supported. Please know you’re not alone.

    Amanda Smolinski
    Student Researcher: Integrative Organismal Biology, Statistics
    Idaho State University

  38. I support you. This is ethically practiced science for a greater good. I’m especially Happy to have heard of such a study that strives to challenge the oil companies on this level. Conservation is close to my heart & should be to all. PETA seems to often be hypocritical and work against the Real protection of animals. So sad. You are a hero!

  39. I feel so ashamed of the human race sometimes. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore that many people will just swallow lies without looking up the facts and making their own opinion first. I have my degree in wildlife biology and am just starting out in the field. I’m also a huge bird nerd, so I really appreciate the work you are doing to preserve our native songbirds. Keep it up girl! PETA will find someone else to harass soon, and hopefully one day this event will be something you, your family, and you colleagues can all laugh about.

  40. I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this! I’m an oceanographer and climate researcher and unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve seen people get harassed for their research by people who don’t even try to understand what the research is about. One good thing out this, though, is that now more people about your work. Seems very interesting, will look it up!

  41. Dr. Lattin, as an undergrad at a neighboring university I want to thank you not only for your research but for staying strong in the face of such a nasty and hateful group. Your commitment to your research truly inspires me!

  42. PETA are literally completely insane. Keep up the great work, from a fellow sparrow researcher!

  43. It’s that stupid group PETA (pendejo encouraging termination of animals) up to its old tricks again. They should be classify as a domestic terrorist group. Dr. Lattin, continue your amazing work. Know that there are many, many people that believe you over that hateful group of booger eating morons.

  44. Dr. Lattin,

    Continue your good work. All the best to you.

    Jorge Afonseca
    Ba. Msc. in Geological Engineering

  45. Dr Latin, Sorry you had to go through this. PETA and their tactics are the reason I stopped donating to organizations. Keep up the great work.

  46. Dear Dr.Lattin if were to have a biosphere that can provide ecosystem services necessary for our species and others survival we will need to study how species deal under climate stresses and chemical stresses. Your doing good work, I hope I can get where you are someday.
    Undergraduate Dalhousie University
    Environmental Science & Political Science

  47. Dear Dr. Lattin,
    Thank you for persevering in the face of this unacceptable and baffling assault. The problem is definitely them, not you. Don’t ever think otherwise. I am confident that you have the full support of all your fellow scientists.

    James MacDonald
    Fisheries Biologist

  48. I am a simple lay person with a massive amount of love and respect for science and animals. You are doing great, important work. Please know there are so many out there who support you and are in awe of your work.

  49. I’m not a researcher, but I am a true animal rights activist. Your work is doing a lot to help people like myself help animals in need. Ignore the haters, keep it up!

  50. Hang in there, Christine. You know you’re making a real positive difference in the world when you piss off the bad guys.

  51. Thank you for your commitment to conservation and science. Please know that there are many who appreciate you and your I work. Keep the faith. You work in science education, as a way of countering the level of misinformation people recieve in our world. Thank you for providing the truth for me to teach.

  52. I am a volunteer with a local wildlife museum and rehabitation hospital and I am on an academic path toward becoming a veterinarian. I love animals, wild, domestic, and feral. Dr. Lattin is doing important research as ethically as possible. The fact that she is being targeted by a money hungry, deliberately inflammatory, terrorists associated organization is disgusting.

    I wish her all the safety and security in life and a bright future in her species saving research career.

  53. You have become a target for misguided fanatics that long abandonded any pretense of logic or common sense and consistently do more harm than good in anything they meddle with. I sincerely hope you have the strength and support to continue your increasingly important research and that you are able to keep your passion and interest for your chosen field alive. Your work will no doubt be of great importance. Their efforts do nothing but harm people and animals alike.

    PETA do not know who you are, and do not care to find out.

    PETA do not understand your work, and do not care to educate themselves about it.

    I can only hope that as they grow louder and more hateful it is because they are dwindling in numbers as people realise that they care neither for ethics or animals.

    For every willfully ignorant person, spreading lies about your work or standing with a sign outside of where you work, there area thousand who see the good in your research and the benefits it will provide for us all.

    All the best,
    Rickhard Ågren

  54. Everyone knows peta is full of crap. As an actual animal lover and protector I would like to say thank you for doing all that you do. I’m sure the information you’ve discovered will help many people! I found it really interesting to read and can’t wait to learn more!

  55. As an undergrad at the University of California, Davis, studying Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, I want to offer a heartfelt thank you for the incredible work you do. You are an inspiration to the budding minds in your field and we hope to one day make as much of an impact as your work has. I am finally studying birds this year under Dr. Eadie (amazing professor!) and can’t wait to share his passion of birds with the world. You have an army of wildlife warriors supporting you. Keep up the great work!

  56. Being a scientist is hard and often thankless work. PETAs actions are deplorable and Dr. Lattin’s work is both humane and appreciated. PETA must take action to rectify this situation.

  57. I am once again shocked by the actions of PETA. Personally attacking a researcher whose work is actually making a difference in the welfare of these birds…. and in turn the ecological zones they live in….with lots of other animals. Truly a disgrace. Stay strong Dr. Lattin.

  58. I never trust peta’s position on anything. They’re not known, despite their misleading name, for their ethics. They don’t give a damn about animals or their well-being. It’s hard to tell what their true purpose is.

    Dr. Lattin, thank you for the work you are doing. I’m sorry that you have been targeted by this fringe group. I wish you the best in your endeavors, our wildlife and environment need people like you looking out for them, now more than ever.

  59. PETA went after the renowned Elephant conservationist Lek in Thailand a few years back. I wrote about it in the time in The Ecologist (“The Elephant Whisperer”). This seems simialr. In general PETA are bunch of virtue signalling ignoramuses. They don’t give two craps about animals, they care about parading their virtue.
    Rob King

  60. As a vegan and eviromentalist, I applaud your work!!! It’s the kind of job wich help us go further in methods to protect and save species neutralizing our harmfull interaction to their habitats.

    PETA is, probably, the most hated group for all vegans I knows. They use our cause to earn money, give an awfull name to veganism, and kill animal for sport.

    I’m really sorry about all you and your family had gone through.

  61. Keep the good work and don’t let those wanna be enviarmentalists get under your skin. You’re making a difference, they aren’t.

  62. PeTA is a collection of psychopathic, money-hungry misanthropes. Animal advocates are finally beginning to realize how low animals actually are on PeTA’s priority list, and that PeTA kills healthy pets. Donations to PeTA are tanking as a result. These people are domestic terrorists and need to be in jail. Stay strong, Christine, we are behind you and your valuable work.

  63. I have known Christine since we were undergraduates, and can attest to her personal integrity and high regard for animal life both human and -non; far from being motivated by callous curiosity, her research may advance the cause of animal welfare. I am appalled by PETA’s actions on every level, not only their tactics and personal attacks, but also their apparent failure to understand the nature of Christine’s work.

    Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft, Ph.D.
    Visiting Scholar
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  64. In support of Christine Lattin. Extending you best wishes and support for your continued research and advocacy.

  65. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    I am appalled that PETA has once again decided to use their unprofessional assessment of biological research to rile up emotions and protest legitimate work. As a researcher myself, I am aware of the rigors of Institutional Review Board and The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee protocol before animal research is approved at universities, especially at reputed places such as Yale. Please keep up your good work. We support you.

  66. Dr. Lattin, keep up your incredible work and do not get bogged down by these stupid and hateful people. They are completely ignorant and driven by nothing but hatred, deceit and senselessness. I wish you good luck in your novel endeavors and will look forward to reading your papers. PETA has now turned feral and should go back to doing what they do best – taking naked photos of celebrities for their ads.We should continue to ignore them.

  67. PETA reaches a new low, again. The tactics of this group are reprehensible, like that Westboro church harassing grieving families, or anti-abortion groups going after vulnerable women and medical professionals. PETA needs to be charged with stalking, every time they do this kind of thing. Keep them tied up in the courts and bankrupt them with legal fees.

    I am an animal lover and do not approve of any cruelty to them. It seems to me that Christine Lattina is following every ethical guideline in her research and deserves unqualified support for her important research.

  68. Dr. Christine Lattin is an extremely thoughtful, creative scientist and a supremely ethical one. Exactly the type of person that we need to harness advanced technologies in novel ways to produce new insights into health and disease for the good of humanity. PETA members, on the other hand are morally bankrupt thugs who -like all terrorists – care not for facts or history or laws or their fellow people. PETA twists information -or ignores it completely- to satisfy their warped need to vilify someone, anyone. That is their driving purpose. Dr Lattin’s driving purpose is to understand physiology in the service of human health and life. Dr. Lattin deserves the support of the entire biomedical scientific community. Tthere but for the grace of happenstance go the rest of us.

  69. Dr Lattin — stand your ground and stay strong. We are with you.

  70. Dr. Lattin: I support your right to conduct responsible and humane research as approved by the IACUC at Yale. While some members of the public may disagree with this, the intimidation and threats of violence condoned by PETA are a complete abomination to the values of a free and open society.

  71. Dear Dr. Lattin: I strongly support your ethical conduct of animal research. There is no other way to gain real knowledge and understanding of the natural world but through experimentation. Please do not be discouraged. Your fight is for a culture of fact based engagement with reality.
    All the best,
    Günter P. Wagner

  72. Dr. Lattin,

    As a fellow post-doctoral fellow at Yale, I’m appalled at the targeting and treatment you’ve endured from PETA. The scientific community and true animal lovers everywhere stand behind you and your dedication to studying the concerning effects of pollution on our native bird populations. We reject the null hypothesis that your work is not ethically and scientifically worthy!

    Michael Askenase, PhD
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yale University

  73. Dear Christine,

    I’m genuinely saddened to hear that you and your excellent research have been targeted by PETA. It is a shame and an outrage that they have made such misguided and personal attacks. Please realize that you have the support of your friends and colleagues. Hang in there!

    Steve McCormick, Ph.D.

  74. Dear Dr. Lattin, you have all my support in this difficult moment.
    I think that we, as scientist, should not underestimate the problem of how people mis-perceive and mis-understand science in several different circumstances and actively search for possible solutions.

  75. If PETA really is truly a “caring” community- they should behave like one. They should -not stoop to witch-hunting and slogan-chanting. PETA, if you are a law-abiding moral body- please refrain from making misleading accusations of Dr. Lattin’s work. PETA needs to hire some real scientists on board in order to understand how basic research fuels translational research. .

  76. Dr. Lattin, as a fellow neuroscientist in Belgium and a former visiting fellow at Yale, I have seen this exact same harassment happen to one of our PI’s, professor Annemie Van der Linden. I truly condemn the actions of these animal rights activists and support your research.

    Lauren Kosten, MSc
    PhD fellow Molecular imaging
    Antwerp University, Belgium

  77. Dr. Lattin does important basic research that is valid across species. Hers is the kind of research that leads to improved health both for animals and humans. As seems to always be the case, PETA is being hateful and untruthful. If they really valued animals, they would support this bright young scientist.

  78. PETA’s unethical personal attacks on Dr. Lattin is rife with mischaracterizations and lies that are designed to mislead its supporters. Because of Dr. Lattin’s research, we have a better understanding of the effects of stress on organisms, birds and humans alike; and we will have new methods that will reduce suffering and increase the conservation of animals. PETA’s campaign against this accomplished biologist is an ironically ignorant self inflicting wound to their own manifesto. I fully support Dr. Lattin and her research, which has been subject to the strictest of federal and institutional ethical reviews.

    Blake Jones, Ph.D.
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Florida State University

  79. Dr Lattin,
    PETA’s attack on you could not be more misguided. It is almost laughable that anyone could accuse you of unethical behavior or of any unkindness or irresponsibility toward animals.
    I can attest to your love of animals and the kindness with which you treat them- this ranges from your gentle understanding toward my crippled dog, to the delight you have shared with an elderly relative by installing and maintaining bird feeders outside the window of his assisted living facility. In addition, you are a vegetarian, meaning you actually go out of your way to avoid supporting the unnecessary torturing and killing animals. I wonder if your fans at PETA can say the same. Or perhaps they think it is fine to feast on hundreds of animals that have been raised and slaughtered in filth and misery, but draw the line when a few well cared for birds are humanely sacrificed in order to make the lives of all birds better. When it comes to organizations like PETA, it is important to remember: rational arguments don’t work with irrational people. Your research can make the world a better place. Please keep inspiring us.

    Sarah Keniston, LICSW

  80. It’s incredibly unfortunate that you’ve been targeted in this way but you’ve done a great job countering it in a productive way and using it as a platform to educate the public. Keep fighting the good fight and best of luck to you!
    Richard Crouse
    Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program
    Yale University

  81. Dr. Lattin, so sorry to read about the misleading characterizations of your work and the outrageous comments and tactics that followed. With so much actual animal abuse going on in the world, it’s so frustrating to see misguided people shortsightedly target your important work.

  82. Dr. Lattin,

    I would like to thank you for your work. I hope you will stay strong in the face of these cowardly bullying tactics of intimidation and misinformation.

    Frank J. Meye, PhD.

  83. Dr Lattin,
    I also condemn these random and misleading attacks which are twisting the facts and your strong stance for humane research on animals.
    Mar Sanchez, Ph.D.
    Emory Universit

  84. Dr. Lattin:

    Thank you for the research you do- it sounds interesting, and useful to understanding humans’ impact on the other animals we share the planet with. I am sorry these misguided people are harrassing you because if it.

    Best wishes for fruitful research,

  85. PETA is raising millions of dollars by lying to the gullible public. You need to question where the money goes. The organization uses violence and fear tactics along with twisted tales.

  86. Dear Christine,

    I am appalled that Peta is targeting you in this fashion. This harassment and bullying, targeting a junior researcher, should send a chill down the spine of every scientist, funder, publisher, and scientific society.

    Thank you for your research.

    Kind regards,

    Lenny Teytelman, PhD

    1. Keep trying to make the world a better place, Dr. Lattin! I’m sure this is the last form of attention you ever wanted, but hopefully you can turn the tables and make it an opportunity to communicate the value of quality research to millions.

  87. Thinking of Dr. Lattin today and glad that the scheduled harassment was so sparsely attended that the domestic terrorist-encouraging branch of PETA may well move on to another unfair target of their tactics.

    Heather Etchevers, Ph.D.
    National Institutes of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)

  88. What the fuck is wrong with people? Your need for a cause, something to do out of your own boredom, is actually hurting people and animals. If you are passionate about a cause, you might strive to understand it. If you truly cared about the subject you are protesting, you care enough to look at facts, and make sure you are making a positive impact. For their lack of understanding and also their grand standing, they are having negative impacts not only on the animals they try and “save”, but their fellow humans who might just be trying to help. And since they went to school for it and aren’t doing it as a hobby, we should probably defer to them for our facts and conservation.

  89. Sigh. Really? That’s what you’ve got? You seem to have swallowed everything PETA has chosen to feed you, without benefit of critical thought or consideration. Blind fealty to a lie is just stupid.

  90. PETA is disgusting, and their harassment unconscionable. They serve their egos and ignorance, and not animal welfare. Dr. Lattin is doing important work that will benefit both humans and birds, and I hope that these nutcases will soon move on and leave her in peace to continue her research.

    Best of luck to Dr. Lattin in her job applications.

  91. PETA is nothing more than a ecoterrorists group. Nothing more. They are clueless to animal welfare and actually could care less about animals. It’s about money and power with them as there cult following does whatever they say because they are as ignorant as you can get and like it that way.
    It is actually pretty sad that so many people are gullible enough to support them.

    1. Steve, I completely agree and the very few posts from PETA supporters are the best evidence for their level of knowledge, sophistication, and human decency. I am sorry for them that they have been so brainwashed. But even more sorry for victims of their madness like Dr. Lattin.

      1. Name calling insults to PETA probably won’t be effective, although it does serve as a catharsis. Sadly, most of these people are probably well intended but make decisions from emotional reactions rather than logic. Even more sadly, some would probably prefer to see a Veteran suffer than to have a dog used in helpful research.

  92. Stay strong Dr. Lattin, my heart and mind go with you!

    I am a strong defendant of animal rights AND a scientist. The kind of activism PETA is demonstrating here defeats the purpose of any animal cause.

    Researching animal behaviour, ecology, physiology, etc… provides necessary knowledge on how to find solutions for all beings to live in harmony, and how to mitigate the consequences of human actions on the environment. Every respectful scientist thinks more than twice before trying out a protocol, are transparent about their research, and even further, communicate about it because it’s also part of the job, sharing the information you find. And lots of scientists are extremely respectful. Academia is hard enough, good scientists don’t need this kind of pressure when you know the psychologic stress they’ve been under since they started university.

    PETA peeps, get your facts right and be ashamed of using such methods that disgrace most of your other actions, and PETA followers, well, don’t believe blindly what you’re told, look up for all sides of one story…

    Once again, hold on Dr. Lattin!

    Pauline Toni,
    PhD student in animal ecology and behaviour,
    Sherbrooke University

  93. Dr. Lattin, my heart goes out to you, and my gratitude for your good work. PETA should consider ethical treatment of People.

  94. You have the support of scientists all over the world. I find your research very intriguing. It’s disgusting that PETA has made you their target-du-jour. They are really a terrorist organization and should be treated as such by your local authorities. Keep doing your important work.

  95. Dr. Lattin, I hope experiencing this support makes you feel safer – and fully aware of your achievements, your strength. Don’t leave your path.
    From Lucerne, Switzerland

  96. Christine, I strongly support your important research. I urge Yale University to support you in this critical stage of your career, for example by prolonging your current contract for a couple of years. This would be a clear sign that responsible scientific organizations do not give way to the ignorant and hateful campaign of PETA.

  97. I’m not a scientist, but I do like science. While the PETA fanatics may be well meaning when it comes to animal welfare, I feel like they really need to encourage their members to get some basic education in ethics and scientific methodology. If they have the time and energy to harass Ms. Lattin to such an extent I feel like they could have put at least some effort into properly reading and understanding her work and research methods. The take away from this research should be that oil has an extremely complicated and widespread negative impact on animal welfare, and we are still finding new, negative ways it impacts the ecosystem. It’s possible we might never fully understand all of the effects it has on the planet or its true extent. PETA shouldn’t be attacking Ms. Lattin for this research, if anything they should be going after oil companies while using this research as part of their evidence to try to encourage them to just leave oil in the ground.

    To all scientists:
    Please keep doing your best and don’t give in to the idiocy of the willfully ignorant. Science and dedicated scientists are the best chance humanity has for a great future. It is up to you to help the world be better.

  98. PETA’s use of intentional and wilful dishonesty to smear this young Ph.D.’s reputation is disgusting. The truth is there for them to see, they could be honest, but they’d rather lie, to fool people into jumping on their bandwagon. Bandwagon are slow and and built low to the ground so it’s easy to hop on, but you can’t see the truth from one.

  99. PeTA’s continued ignorance about animal research still astounds me even after all these years! The lifesaving treatments we and animals have benefited from are because of dedicated researchers such as you Dr. Lattin! I believe each and every one of us who support research need to stand up beside you and support you!!! THANK YOU!
    Lynne Walsh, Vice President, Massachusetts Society for Medical Research

  100. Stay strong…. don’t let hate and the ill educated dictate the meaningful and good work you are doing.

  101. PETA trying to defame Dr. Lattin is the most gross, hysterical, and misguided effort I’ve seen from them. She is doing humane research under ethical standards to aid conservation of birds and other animals. Those who say otherwise are willfully ignorant. PETA is making themselves look as easily riled-up and anti-science as climate change deniers. Not to mention appearing misogynistic and bullying a vulnerable target. Any person of sense and conscience should wipe the foam from their mouth, take a few minutes to read the cited facts about her research, and think how what they are doing to protect animals may fit into the global picture. Or go back to throwing red paint onto starlets in fur coats.

  102. PETA , you are overstepping your boundaries , range and intelligence. Measure against what it is your protesting. I suppose you’d prefer they test on 3 year old orphans to advance the health of humans and animals. Animals are being taken into consideration as to who will benefit. Read Dr.Bailoo’s comments. PETA , I’ve always felt you all were over the top. You’ve proven it.

  103. I’m a longtime environmental activist and animal rights supporter, and would like to take a moment here to say that Dr. Lattin is clearly taking pains to do things right. Her research is conscientiously structured, and her methodology is designed to minimize harm to her subjects and derive the greatest amount of usable data per individual.

    It would be lovely if we could obtain all the data we needed through non-invasive means and modeling, but at present, that’s only a pipe dream. Given the great harm posed to animals and their ecosystems by the environmental stressors Dr. Lattin is attempting to quantify, and the need for hard data to drive policy, her work would appear to this animal rights supporter to be the definition of ethical.

  104. I’m a professor at Ohio University and I am proud of you, your research and your efforts. I condemn those who harass and intimidate you. Please stay safe and continue your vital research.
    Chris Griffin
    Assistant Professor
    Biological Sciences
    Ohio University

  105. I cannot believe that we live in a place where people think it’s okay to bully and harass someone because they disagree. And to suggest that the research being done has no application betrays their ignorance of the process of science. Curiosity is part of that process. I hope we never stop asking questions and pursuing ways to answer them.

  106. Christine, hang in there! Know that so many people are behind you – you are such a thoughtful and conscientious person and researcher and PETA’s actions are not only wrong, but entirely disgraceful (deplorable, as Neil said to me yesterday). Thinking of you and sending you so much support!

  107. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    Stay strong! This is a travesty, and PETA should be ashamed. Your work is invaluable and conscientious. Carry on!

    Rebecca Young

  108. Seems like mob rule where people are not looking at the facts. Also they should treat this human being in a humane way. Have the debate, but do so in a way that doesn’t destroy her.

  109. I am very thankful for your research and contribution to science. I feel sorry and worried about the harrassment you are experiencing. Stay strong!

  110. Dr. Layton, keep working and stay strong! PETA is a farce organization that just wants attention. Your work is invaluable and we need researchers like you.

  111. Dr. Lattin, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I am glad you are being so transparent about your research, including the way you treat your animals and the noble goals you aim to achieve. Hopefully, this event will at least serve to enlighten those who are on the fence about animal research, showing them that scientists truly care about animal health and well-being and showing them that extreme activists groups are inciting violence. I am only a graduate student. I applaud the way you are handling this assault on your career, work, and identity– students like me need science role models like you. Best of luck.

  112. Dear Dr. Lattin, thank you for your courage and your research. You have been unfairly targeted due to ignorance. I support you and other researchers who doing basic science involving animals that is necessary for the understanding of nature and disease. As a clinical researcher, I am grateful to basic researchers, including animal researchers, for their work informing us about biological mechanisms. Ignorance must not triumph! Stay strong.

    Brian Levine, Ph.D., C.Psych., ABPP-cn
    Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and
    Professor of Psychology and Medicine (Neurology)
    University of Toronto

  113. Stay strong, Dr Lattin. You are doing fantastic work – I am so sorry that you’ve been targeted by these misogynistic, ridiculous people. PETA are trash. I hope you stay safe and these bastards get the sanctions they deserve.

  114. Stay strong, Dr. Lattin. I value your contribution to science. These people are at a loss for purpose in life, and sadly this is how they choose to spend their time and energy. I hope this ridiculous campaign against you is over soon. Maria von Chamier, DVM, DACLAM, PhD Candidate

  115. Dr. Lattin, I stand with you. Please do not allow these domestic terrorists to sway you from your research. The work you do will help more than you realize. Each one of us must stand up together, to show the world that we will continue to conduct humane research that benefits both human and animal health. You are the best and brightest hope for our collective future.
    Regina Correa-Murphy, RLATG, CMAR

  116. Dear Dr. Lattin,
    Perhaps your openness will help educate the public and raise awareness of the radical ridiculousness of PETA.
    I stand with you!
    Stacy L. Sell, PhD
    University of Texas Medical Branch

  117. As a former animal rights activist who was strongly opposed to all animal research but now agree with humane animal research I am shocked that this young scientist is being targeted by these thugs. I agree with peaceful protest outside of animal research facilities but to post her picture and address etc is an absolute disgrace. These people should be arrested.

    1. You are in the best position to explain what can be done to make a difference since you were once opposed to any kind of research. I thank you for your honesty on this message board. Please call the organizers of Speaking of Research and see what you can do to help them. We need people like you right out in front.

  118. It is very sad to see the absurd treatment of Dr. Lattin, but here is the reason that I believe she is being targeted.
    “Christine believes in openness and transparency, which is why she runs a website where she explains more about her research – this can help educate the public on the importance of the work she does. It is well worth a read:”
    Dr. Lattin is taking an active stance on the importance of animal research and its application. She is trying to actively educate the public, which is exactly what we need and PETA hates.

    Stay Strong

  119. Dr. Lattin,

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. Stay strong – you are an inspiration for young scientists, and keep doing the meaningful, humane research you are conducting!

  120. Christine,
    I am dismayed that PETA has continued its attacks on you and your research. These attacks are completely unjust and unethical. I hope Yale is doing what it should to provide support. Your work is important!
    Thanks for standing strong,
    Elizabeth (Adkins-Regan)

  121. Good luck, Dr. Lattin.

    Perhaps you could sue PETA for assaulting you and your family, and perhaps you and Yale could sue PETA for libel.

    If you or Yale decide to do that, I’d be happy to contribute $100 to a legal fund in your behalf (that’s the largest amount PETA asks for on their donation pages).

  122. Dear Christine,

    Many in my lab group have been discussing your plight, and I speak for all of us when I say we support your work and your exemplary ethical standards. I admire your courageous tenacity, and your ability to confront PETA’s opposition like the expert professional you clearly are.

    Pierce Hutton
    Arizona State University

  123. Dr Lattin, the harassment you’ve received at the hands of PETA is completely unacceptable and demonstrates their usual poor standard of comprehension for the importance of animal research. As a young scientist with first-hand experience of the deeply unpleasant tactics used by the extremist elements within the animal rights movement, you have my utmost sympathy and support. I applaud your transparency and openness regarding your research, and your bravery in standing up to these irrational cowards.

    I would urge all scientists to rally behind you in clear support of the importance of your work and of animal research in general, and to join me in condemning the tactics of PETA.

    Laurie Pycroft, MSc
    Doctoral candidate in Surgical Sciences and founding member of Pro-Test
    Oxford Functional Neurosurgery, University of Oxford

  124. Dr. Lattin, You are absolutely inspiring. Please keep up the fantastic work!!

    Nicole Gervais
    Postdoctoral fellow
    University of Toronto

  125. I am with you all. We, the scientist, need to open the conversation again and remind the public of all the amazing progress in cancer and brain research that saves human and animal lives. Point to a family member of a PETA activist who almost died, but was saved because of new knowledge acquired by research on animals.
    Noga Vardi

  126. I am so sorry to hear that you are undergoing this. These actions by PETA are not only bullying of the worst kind, but absurdly misguided as well — targeting conservation-oriented research that aims to reduce the impact of stress and which, most ironically, is specifically focusing on finding non-invasive ways of doing so. Please continue to know that you are resoundingly supported in the community; I hope that Yale is helping you as forcefully as possible.
    Robert Sapolsky
    Stanford University

  127. Dr. Lattin: There are many of us in the neuroscience community and society at large that support and appreciate your efforts. Thank you, and stay strong.

  128. Dr. Lattin: My sympathies that you have been singled out for abuse. PETA’s encouragement of harassment is despicable. Some years ago at PENN when one of our our researchers was being harassed, a number of us started attending the campus PETA meeting and participating in the discussions. The harassment ended soon after. Rather than hunkering down, perhaps your colleagues at Yale can engage PETA and help them understand the value of your work.


    Jonathan Raper
    Prof. of Neurosciences and Cell and Developmental Biology
    Perelman School of Medicine, PENN

  129. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    I condemn the actions of PETA in disrupting your work and your personal life. It is loathsome behavior, ignorant of the importance of your work to all organisms as well as the careful measures taken by animal researchers to protect and humanely maintain animals used in research.

    You have my full support.

    Dr. Elizabeth Heller, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
    The University of Pennsylvania

  130. Keep up the terrific work, Christine! This is a great article that really illustrates how important your work is to both people and animals! PETA’s harassment of you is illogical and appalling, and I hope it ends soon.

  131. Dear Christine;
    Please try to ignore the ignorant! PETA is anti-science, while pretending to support animal rights. Your carefully considered research will benefit both animals and humans…..even PETA supporters!

  132. Dr Lattin:
    Hang in there. The entire biomedical community supports your work.

    Kevin Foskett, PhD
    Chair, Dept Physiology
    Perelman School of Medicine
    University of Pennsylvania

  133. I support you and the work you do Dr. Lattin. We are in your corner and hope this does not discourage your from continuing your work.

  134. As everyone can see now, PETA and other choose targets rather randomly. This does not provide arguments for sticking the head in the sand, but rather to present ourselves and to be open about the work we do and its importance. The more scientists “come out” the less likely it’ll be to be singled out by such dirty campaigns.
    Christine, you’re doing great and important work that is necessary for protection programs to rely on. Keep it up! Greetings from Germany!

  135. Dear Dr. Lattin, i’m with you and stay strong. You are an outstanding scientist and they don’t understand how your works will help the birds and human…Good luck

  136. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    as a fellow scientist I have a lot of respect for you holding out to this terrible and injust defamatory course against you by these fundamentalistic, narrow minded activists. I wish you all the best of luck for the future and your science, and would strongly advise to take legal action against these protesters and especially the organizers.
    The destruction of a live out of false, ignorant and plainly stupid reasons should not go unpunished!
    Dr. Lattin, keep going! Leave your mark on the scientific community, and continue to change the world for good!

    Andreas Stein, M.Sc.
    Institute for organic chemistry
    University of Cologne, Germany

  137. How uneducated, ignorant of science, or unable to think critically, does one have to be to blindly follow whatever peta says? Christine’s groundbreaking work has so many implications to help save so many birds/animals, yet peta tries to stop her work! Unbelievable! Ignore the ignorant! You go girl! Please stay safe and continue your amazing work!

  138. PETA has been using increasingly unhinged methods to attack legitimate research.
    They’ve been doing this for years, yet very few speak out against these animal
    “rights” zealots.
    No researcher should have to put up with these protests based on lies, half- truths, and obfuscation.
    PETA supporters are every bit as detached from reality as their president-( maybe former pres by now?)
    Some years back, Ms. Newkirk was campaigning to have the name fish changed to ” sea kittens” she went as far as trying to convince Spearfish high school in Spearfish S.D. to change their
    name to “Sea Kittens” high school.
    They refused to even consider such insanity.
    Why didn’t people realize how crazy these people really are back then?
    They deserve to be investigated by the FBI for this nonsense, and local police for harassment and stalking, along with doxing due to their campaign of e- mail threats.
    These people are violent animal ” rights” activists who have an army of unhinged, possibly mentally ill ” activists”.
    People have to stand up to these whackos because a lot of people believe their outlandish claims.
    Spread this story far and wide.

  139. Stay strong Christine. Thank you for the vital work you do to make the world a better place for people and animals.

  140. PETA is probably the least ethical organization this side of the Mafia and the Ku Klux Klan. I am sorry that Christine has to endure this treatment, but she is not the first, nor, sadly, likely to be the last. Christine, it is very important that Yale and your funding agency come to your defense. I am pretty sure that you can get a restraining order to keep them away from your home; find a lawyer if Yale won’t do it for you. The threats you are receiving are probably illegal. Please notify the FBI. They may or may not be able to help, but they are very concerned about animal rights extremism as a form of domestic terrorism and should at least be made aware of it.

  141. This is just incredible! Years ago I still thought PETA were fighting for a good cause with extreme (or extremist) methods – but this is not the first time they turn against scientists who do important, ethical research with clear applications and implications. The scientific community, the state and the general public have to make a clear statement about this.

  142. Christine’s work is ethical, relevant and of urgency for both human health and animal conservation.
    When hundreds of scientists get together to defend a cause, it makes it extremely obvious how unreasonable and misinformed PETA and their supporters are. PETA is a shameful organization and harms society with their false rhetoric.

    Matheus Macedo-Lima
    PhD candidate
    University of Massachusetts Amherst

  143. I’m so sorry to hear that you have been targeted. PETA gets its ammunition by making false claims that stirs people’s emotion. It’s very upsetting to hear they are targeting your important research. You have our support

  144. Christine, I am sorry this is happening. I know the work you do. It is ethical and important for conservation. Keep up the good work!

  145. Continue to focus on the good things you are doing for people and animals, Dr. Lattin. Your openness and transparency are necessary and appreciated. The research community and everyone who truly loves animals are behind you.

  146. This kind of harassment by PETA is unacceptable.
    “Wer aber, von menschlichen Schwächen enttäuscht und verbittert, seine Liebe der Menschheit entzieht und sie an Hund oder Katze wendet, begeht zweifellos eine schwere Sünde, eine soziale Sodomie sozusagen, die ebenso ekelerregend ist wie die geschlechtliche. Menschenhass und Tierliebe ergeben eine sehr böse Kombination – But whoever, disappointed and embittered by human weaknesses, withdraws his love from humanity and turns it to a dog or cat, undoubtedly commits a serious sin, a social sodomy, so to speak, which is just as disgusting as the sexual one. Human hatred and love of animals make a very nasty combination.” Konrad Lorenz.
    Stay strong, Christine.
    Dr. Karsten Liere
    Senior Scientist
    SMB GmbH

  147. It’s just a matter of time before PETA’s bombast, all done in the quest for fund-raising, pushes some unhinged person to attack and kill a researcher. The most UNethical fund-raising tactic ever is to publicly target a law-abiding individual.

  148. Christine – There is not much to add to all of these notes of support. This is not the first time that PETA has either deliberately or inadvertently made up facts about research. Know that you have the support of everybody, except a few misguided individuals. I hope that you and Yale stand strong, and are able to ignore and/or suppress these bullies.
    Good luck,
    Jeff Blaustein
    Professor Emeritus
    University of Massachusetts

  149. Dear Dr Lattin,
    I’m shoked by this digusting, hatefull and libellous campaign against you and your work. I’m worried about all these attacks againt sciences and knowledges, these revolting methods… Sorry i’m not fluent in english to find my words. As we say in France : “Courage” !

    Nuclear engineer

  150. The vile, misguided, misleading, statements and actions of PETA are simply disgraceful. May the tripe you’re putting up with from them end soon and may you be the last person who has to deal with it.

  151. Shouldn’t you be at Home Depot protesting rat/mouse traps, rat poison in the NYC subways, etc? Once your work there is done, and those practices that brutally kill millions of animals are stopped, let’s have an honest discussion about research on animals. But if you’re protesting research and not rat traps, there must be another explanation that has nothing to do with animals.

    Mike Crickmore, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Boston Children’s Hospital
    Harvard Medical School

  152. PETA has crossed a line. You do not target people at home. Nevermind they are also wrong.

    They should issue an apology. Fire whomever is responsible and try to reassess their priorities and tactics. Intimidation is for causes that lack righteousness and reason.

    PETA seems not to care that they are increasingly seen as an ungrounded fringe group. Good luck making Real progress with that reputation.

  153. Dear Dr. Lattin,
    I think that you are doing great research, and it saddens me greatly that because of it you have been subjected to appalling treatment by disgraceful, ignorant thugs. Peta and their supporters must be stopped, and held fully accountable for their actions. My very best wishes to you, and keep up the good work.

    Thor Eysteinsson PhD
    Professor of Physiology
    University of Iceland

  154. Christine,

    Half of those people harassing you would not be statistically living humans today if not for research in medicine and the environment done by very ethical researchers like yourself all over the world. I bet that most of your harassers do not hesitate to benefit from their medicine when they are ill even though those medicines were only made possible by researchers.

    I encourage your University and future institutions to support you strongly.
    The threats, violent language and treatment behavior of PETA towards you reveals the true nature of those people who choose to harass you.

    Ken Mitton, PhD FARVO
    Association Professor of Biomedical Sciences
    Eye Research Insitute
    Oakland University

  155. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    I’m so disappointed to hear that you and your research have become a target of threatening, anti-science campaigns. As a post-doc also doing experiments involving live animals I cannot imagine going through what you are going through. I commend you for standing up for your science. If anything I hope that these hurtful actions against you actually show potential future employers how strongly you believe in your science and how eloquently and respectfully you communicate its importance. That in my mind is one of the most important jobs of a PI, especially in our country’s current political climate. Stay strong and keep up the great work!

    Aaron Olsen, PhD
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University

  156. Both the importance of your work and the care you take as a scientist are evident from your publications and social media. I deeply hope that Yale is working to fully protect you from PETA’s despicable terrorizing behavior.

    Bronwyn Bleakley, PhD
    Associate Professor of Biology, IACUC member and animal behavior researcher

  157. The insanity of PETA refusing any research ever, despite benefiting in numerous ways, knows no bounds. Stress response research is crucial to supporting human, wildlife and environmental health, particularly in a rapidly degrading environment.

  158. Dear Dr. Lattin, I stand with you as a scientist, as an ethical human being, and as an animal lover. PETA is just another discriminatory, inflammatory, hypocritical and unfortunately influential group out there. But when they disrupt research without even understanding the very regs to which scientists must adhere they go well beyond the pale. My mother wrote some of those regulations and made sure that everything PETA’s accusing you of cannot actually happen. PETA dishonour her memory and are damaging to animals and the scientific community.

    Ariadne Schulz, PhD

  159. Dr. Lattin, I am appalled at the lies and personal attacks on you by PETA and it’s followers. If they ever cared about animals they would support your research which is necessary and humane. In attacking you Peta has shown its true and hateful colors.

  160. Dr. Lattin,
    As a lay person, I want to thank you for the work you do to help us all understand the world around us. You and other scientists should not ever have to to go through the kind of harassment that you and Dr Folta have been through. Please stay strong and do not let these ignorant, rude science deniers deter you from your work.

  161. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    These bullying attacks are unconscionable. I sincerely hope the profession of journalism shows some level of maturity (so far mostly lacking in its zeal to create false narratives that profitably sell) in exposing these tactics for what they are, rather than giving them a veneer of respectability.


    Ray Eckhart

  162. Thank you for your courage and tenacity to continue the important work you do and to remain transparent and to defend and explain your research. I hope Yale and the scientific community stand behind you and support you.

  163. As a fellow co-worker at Yale, I fully support your work. Stay strong. The world and science needs you.

  164. @Christine, stay strong and know that the community of scientists are grateful for your research. As a neurologist, fellow neuroscientist, I know that patients who suffer from neurological illness are also grateful for what you do, and that includes most who recognize that that your research will not
    help them directly but others like them who suffer. They also share the long
    view that future remedies rest on discoveries from fundamental research using model systems. Let their selfless empathy serve as an antidote to the harassment you are experiencing. I hope you can derive some strength from the support of your community.

  165. I stand by Dr. Lattin and am happy to call her a colleague. Her efforts to maintain transparency about her work while being harassed by PETA is admirable.

  166. It seems these faceless, self-righteous, alt-fact simpletons are everywhere and always good for a which hunt. Don’t let them win. Your work is important.

  167. Dr. Lattin, I heard your interview on Talking Biotech, and I felt sorry for what you have been going through as your pursue science with integrity and sensitivity. My fiance supports PETA through her contributions, and she was upset to hear of your treatment. She plans to write to PETA, challenging that organization to look to scientists as allies and not antagonists.

  168. Dr. Lattin,
    Around the world most people agree that peta is no longer an organisation fighting for animal welfare, it just tries to find(make) sensational news, to rile up a bunch of ignorant folks.
    I’m surprised that they still get funding for this.

    Dr. Lattin, we have your back. Keep up the good work. You’re the one who is really doing something to save animals.
    – From a Belgian-Indian Research Team.

  169. You are doing awesome work! Don’t let the haters detour your passion for science and learning. I hope the harassment ends soon for you. Stay safe.

  170. Dr Lattin,
    Thankyou for following your passion and being a role model to young people, especially women, looking to pursue a career in research (even if that was never your intent!). It is a hard slog at the best of times and those of us who have ever done it did so out of pursuit of knowledge and, in the case of biological sciences, often to help conserve biodiversity and make a difference. Your work certainly reflects that.
    I am bitterly disappointed that a group that seemingly supports animal welfare would ignore not only the tangible benefits of your work but the stringent ethical standards and transparency you abide by. Please know that despite the hate and bile you are receiving there is a much larger community that supports you and hopes that you can endure. I intend to call out this hate group for what it is whenever I can and continue to lend my voice to defending solid science in the fields of ecology and conservation.
    You have my utmost regards and respect.

  171. Your work is incredible. Keep your chin up and your eyes towards the prize. You can do this and this grateful Californian hopes your work finds continued success and helps with further research.

  172. Hi Christine. No scientist should have to face this abuse for conducting their professional role in discovering new insights into neurobiology. PETA will get bored and move on and i hope you can feel supported till they do. Our support from Australia!

  173. Dr Lattin,

    I wish the people that were ignorant would educat themselves instead of attacking what they don’t understand. The work you are doing is important and I know you treat those birds incredibly well. You are in my thoughts and I hope the firestorm dies down and you can continue you work without distraction.

    A fellow doctor (DVM) that has also been targeted by social media gangs

  174. Hi fellow scientist and human.
    Sad to see idiots at PETA turn research into binary talking (yelling) points.
    Stay strong. I have done extensive animal work and it’s never easy. But lessons learned translated into immuno therapy agents.
    Best regards.

  175. You must feel horrible for being randomly and unfairly targeted by this campaign of ignorance and malevolence. But let’s show PETA and their sympathizers that they picked on the wrong person. You have all of our support Dr. Lattin.

  176. The PETA assault on Christine’s person, privacy, and peace is a pathetic form of self-righteous behavior, designed to prop up the sagging self-regard of people who have lost their way, and cannot find their place in the world of humaneness and decency. How sad, Christine, that you are made to pay the price for your own decency and humaneness because of the desperate and misguided needs of KaterinaO and her friends @ PETA to inflate themselves and their sense of importance. Make no mistake, their focus on you is a testimony to your importance, and the significance of your work. Stay with it; they are wrong.

  177. Dr Lattin. The unfounded, unfairvattacks on you are shameful. Keep up the good work. Shaun Coffey

  178. Good research benefits not only humanity, but all species. Those scientists who conduct animal research, do so with the highest ethical standards and integrity. PETA’s attacks on Dr. Lattin are to be condemned by all.

    Chad E. Niederhuth, Ph.D.

  179. Dr. Lattin, Thank you for the work you do. It is inspiring for a young woman in science like myself to see such a talented woman working in conservation. PETA’s actions are despicable and should be ashamed to claim to represent animals

  180. Dr. Lattin, I support you and your work, and I condemn PETAs actions against you. Take care.

  181. Dr. Lattin, from a bird and animal lover–thank you for doing the work you do. It contributes to both animal and human well being. PETA has long since become a hate-driven organization. Shame on you, PETA, for these harassment tactics.

  182. PETA has long been astray from the path of animal sheltering and protecting. This harrassment is just criminal. To shield behind such a cause to deliberately inflict damage on people… Shameful.

  183. Dr. Lattin: Keep up the good work with your research program. Ignore PETA who are just a bunch of misguided radicals who don’t understand how research works and how important it is to society.

  184. PETA must understand so help them to be educated in the Big Picture. Science of this type is necessary for the good of humankind. We will need such studies and although seemingly horrific it is the only logical way to go. Humans with serious life long diseases hang in the balance. What would they do to save a human life? What about the pain and suffering from diseases that will be alleviated from the GOOD of this research. The cost is trivial when the good FAR outweigh the bad. The research will always continue in other countries in other labs that may lead to worse scenarios if the wrong humans get the technology first…think about THAT. Would you rather have our more ethical up front scientists working on this or be blind to the fact that it WILL continue in other countries because the work is so VALUABLE to humankind. Its science’s job to educate those protesting, they must not fail to enlighten the general public otherwise we plunge deeper into an age of potential new en-darkenment because we were too slow or negligent in doing the SMART thing. The right thing is sometimes clouded when the information is not clear and the ramifications are not properly comprehended. It is eristic in nature no doubt. Welcome to the 21st. We are not morally compromised where I come from.

  185. Dr. Lattin, I offer my support to you and to your research. The work you do is valuable, and certainly not inconsistent with a love for and respect of animals. Animal research lays the foundation for understanding complex, devestating disorders. Your work is responsible and ethical. I support you.

  186. PETA’s campaign is harmful to animal welfare, as Christine’s research is important to our understanding of stress physiology, less invasive research techniques, and the conservation of species. Christine’s research is ground-breaking and IACUC-approved and deserves to be supported. PETA’s harassment of scientists is an assault on science itself, and is completely unacceptable. Their personal attack is completely unacceptable.

  187. Dr. Lattin, I extend my support for you and strongly condemn the hateful and ignorant campaign by PETA. You are doing such important work and conducting it ethically, responsibly, and transparently. The scientific community stands with you.

  188. Dr. Lattin,
    PETA so obviously has no idea what we do as scientists, the structure of scientific research, or the extreme care we take. Their ignorance would be laughable, except that their personal targeting of you is horrendous. We support you and your work. I hope that you and your family stay safe this nightmare is over for you soon. PETA is WRONG. Keep up the great work.

  189. This is a perfect example of living in an age of reactionary behavior to clickable links and folllowing the crowd without any understanding of the situation. PETA couldn’t have picked a poorer example of someone not devoted to animal welfare. Do they know Christine’s roots are actually in wild avian rehabilitation centers? That she is actually researching less invasive ways to assess stress on distressed birds? That what led her to this research was her devoted love to animals? It’s sad when people just don’t take the time to understand what they are attempting to make a stink about. They could really do so much more good putting their energies into something that would actually make a difference instead of just attempting to make a name for themselves regardless of the cost. It’s just so sad how misguided PETA is and how much well informed folk see them for the fakes that they are.

  190. Be strong, we live in the dark age again and it takes strength and patience to be rational and defend civilisation.

  191. If only PETA understood how difficult it is to get things approved by Yale’s IACUC, they’d know Christine’s science has gone through rigorous review and her research is valid. Kidding, they would still resort to domestic terrorism and slander since that’s their MO.
    Christine, I support your work and hope you hang tough. You and your family should be able to feel safe and unthreatened in your own domicile. These PETA bullies are really crossing a line this time and as you can see from the previous comments, many of us support you.

  192. Dr. Lattin, I am an Animal Scientist who has benefited by research on stress responses in animal welfare approaches. I am also a huge supporter of science based approaches to medicine, agriculture and public policy. Without research using carefully chosen animal models under institutional review and welfare standards we stand to lose an important segment of scientific knowledge and development. I listened to your interview on Talking Biotech with Dr Kevin Volta and was impressed by your desire for full transparency in your research. Unfortunately your honesty has been abused by PETA.

  193. Dr. Lattin,

    I really hope you read this. Stand strong in the face of PETA’s thuggery – your research is so immensely important to science, and the future of the world.

    I strongly encourage you to consider making your research Open Access, as well, so that what you do, what you’ve achieved can only go on to inspire and inform researchers around the world.

    Should you decide to make your research open access, contact Jenn at The Library and ask about Elischolar.


  194. Do not let PETA and their acts of homeland terrorism dim your light, Dr. Lattin. Your brilliance and dedication to help learn more ways to help your fellow man and animals alike is to be commended, not condemed. God bless you.

  195. Dr. Lattin,
    Do not be discouraged by these terrorists. They are few and far between. It is disgusting that they have decided to target you and your family. The research community, their families, and their supporters are with you. I hope you continue your work lifelong and bring positive change to the world. PETA is wrong about you, they are wrong about research in general, and they are wrong for using the terroristic tactics that they do. You keep up the good work for the world.

  196. Dr. Lattin,
    You do not deserve this treatment from PETA and I hope they are held accountable for putting you and your family in danger. Thank you for taking the time to educate the public about your research and the important role of animals in research.

    Katie Wilkinson, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
    San Jose State University

  197. I’m sorry to you Dr Lattin that you are going through this. Unfortunately the world is an unfair place and people aren’t always nice.

    Nonetheless, the scientific community has your back. We wil fight for you and we will stand with you. Of course, as scientists we have to respect animals and use them ethically, and as a clinician I can testify that many of the basic medications used in common practice in medicine in the modern day would not have been possible without research in animal models.

    Stay strong and keep committed and this will blow over eventually. If anything, this situation should ring as a warning to all early-career scientists that you have to be prepared to answer these questions and have these difficult discussions. Maybe we can do more as a community to highlight why animal research is important to counter the narrative of PETA.

  198. Dr. Lattin. Stay strong you are doing good work. PETA’s heinous tactics are appalling. We need scientist like yourself who perform their jobs in an ethical and transparent way.

    Thank you so much! I follow genetic engineering and vaccine development, fields that also have scientists come under unjust attack. You are not alone in standing strong.

    Perhaps it is a sign that you are doing everything right. These horrible people only seem to want to silence folks doing the best work.

  199. I’m with you Dr. Latin. I’m not a scientist, but I know how important science is. Thank you for the work you do, PETA is wrong,

  200. Thank you Christine for standing strong with science. Your fellow scientists in all fields are behind you in these disgusting attacks by the terrorist organization PETA.

  201. Dr. Lattin:
    Thank you for your continued contribution to our world, your field and to science in general! If I was local, I’d gather my friends and put you up on our shoulders and walk you right through the middle of the protest line as the hero you are.
    I loved the interview that aired on Talking Biotech, and I strongly support you and the work that you do! You’re awesome!

    Nick K. Aghazarian

  202. I’m disgusted that Dr Lattin and her family are being targeted in such an inhumane manner. Perhaps if the PETA folks object to sparrows being used for research, they ought to volunteer to be human subjects.

  203. Dr Lattin. I’m not a scientist, however, I understand that your research will provide benefit to future generations (human and avian) in dealing with our interactions. We have a responsibility to look after our planet and to do so, we must understand it. Please continue your research, despite the critical voices of others. In Scotland we have a saying: “empty barrels make the most noise”. Please trust your conviction, and instinct, that what you are doing will provide benefit. Per Ardua.

  204. Dr. Lattin, you have my support as well! As a scientist in plant genetics – a field that is also plagued by misguided activists who cause harm to the reputations and the work of scientists who are doing their best to improve the world, I know what you are going through. It is so bizarre to be personally caught in the crosshairs of an attack like this, which only goes to show that your outgoing, transparent, and valuable communication efforts are effective. Keep them up!

  205. The peta supporters really need to thank you. I’m sure they have vaccinations and medications they take. That couldn’t be done without work on animals. Anyone who uses harassment as a tactic is wrong and trying to distract from the fact that they are wrong. Keep up your research!

  206. Dear Dr Lattin….you have my strong support in fighting this intimidation and bullying by PETA. Science and truth are on your side. Roger Lemon

  207. This is an accurate description of how PETA has misrepresented the work of an early career scientist in order to encourage her harassment both online and in front of her home. If you agree that researchers should be free to work on studies for scientific and medical advancement without fear of threats, intimidation, harassment and slanderous allegations, please share this story widely and add your comments.

  208. Standing with you, Christine, and wishing that your harassers are held accountable and that you can move on with your valuable research in peace.

  209. PETA members are the ones who are cruel, especially to people like me with a disease (MS) who rely on medical research.

  210. Christine,
    Stand strong in the face of this irrational harassment by PETA. Having been the target of PETA and ALF in the past, I know these animal “rights” organizations to be quasi-religious in their attitudes: they know the “truth” and don’t need science to tell them differently. So they adopt the methods of other terrorists. Rather than castigating you for your research on passerine birds, you should be congratulated for broadening the comparative perspective of neuroscience research. Please know that you have the support of the scientific community — your true peers — and the millions of people who recognize that animal research is one of the candles that illumine the darkness.

    Scott R. Robinson, Ph.D.
    Past President, International Society for Developmental Psychobiology

  211. Dear Dr. Lattin, I applaud your important work and wish the best for you and your family. Please, don’t let anti-science bullies destroy your work

  212. I have observed these pointless loud protests in my own neighborhood. In that case the activists were protesting against the manager of a company that was building a new vivarium at a major US university. Evryone should know that all reserach conducted with animals is subject to tight scrutiny from Internal Review Boards at all reserach instututions. Cuelty is not permitted, period! Using animals is key to coming up with cures and understanding how life interacts with it’s environment. I dare anyone in one of those protests to tell a dying friend or loved one, “Sorry you have to die–you understand that animal researsh is cuel and we can’t support it therefore you must sacrifice your life since I feel that morally you do not deserve a cure if it meant that animals were involved in the study.” Let’s get real, there are more important things to take a stand against in this world, like cruelty to people! There is no question that the need for research involving animals can be ballanced against the need for those animals to be treated humanely.

  213. I stand with you, Dr. Lattin. Please carry on with your important work. Best wishes for continued success.

    Michael F. Salvatore, Ph.D.
    University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth

  214. Dear Christine,
    You have my full support, as a Buddhist, and Ph.D in comparative biomedical science.

    Jian Teng
    Harvard University

  215. Dr. Lattin,

    Please know that you have the support of the scientific community behind you. Your research is important to understanding the effects of stress on several species. The claims made by PETA are unjustified and ill-informed. Please keep your head up and continue your work. We stand with you and support you.

    Katie Hebron
    Graduate Student
    Vanderbilt University

  216. Dr. Lattin – thank you for your innovative research and for defending knowledge against ignorance. We stand with you!

  217. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    Thank you for the important work you do to investigate the consequences of environmental pollution on stress physiology in birds. You do not deserve the abuse you have been receiving. Stay strong and know you have the support of the scientific community.

    Julienne Rutherford, PhD
    University of Illinois at Chicago

  218. Dear Dr. Lattin,
    let me express my solidarity with you personally and your work. I sincerely hope any acts of harassment against you will be stopped and appropriately prosecuted.
    Tobias Fromme, Ph.D.
    Technical University of Munich

  219. Dr Lattin, I am so sorry you are being targeted by this uninformed and dangerous group. Please know that we are with you. Stress research has universal impact on our lives, the lives of wild animals and the planet.

  220. Christine’s research and others like her are the reason humans and animals alike are living loner healthier lives. The more we know, the more we can help. Christine, your efforts are the most noble, and we support you.

  221. Dr Lattin–
    Please do continue your work! I know that many people and PETA members have very skewed thought processes and will never see reason nor care about how much we really do care for our animals in research. They’re close minded and driven by pure irrational emotions without much thought of consequences.

    I believe that most rational people will embrace transparency and ask thoughtful questions.

    The research is important. Continuing use of animals in research is important as long as we respect them for what they do for us. And most of us do happily!! Something which PETA followers will likely never understand nor care…

  222. Dr. Lattin,
    I am one among many who fully support you and the research you do. I’m truly sorry that there are people in this world who have chosen a stance of hate and misinformation. I know what you do comes from a place of love and deep caring for the animals you work with and the population at large. You are not alone, we stand with you. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will do.

  223. Christine, you are an amazing, strong scientist! PETA should focus on real issues. Extremist organizations of this kind are counterproductive to making real progress.

  224. We do much more possibly harmful research to human’s. Research has given us many cures. I am sure at some point within PETA a medical procedure or medicines saved one of their life’s and/or a family member. I have participated in research and so has my husband who is terminally ill. He states “as long as the attempts are out to saves life’s it’s all worth finding a cure.”

  225. Shameful behavior by PETA. Let’s keep focused on understanding biology so that in the future we can keep on curing unknown diseases.

    A fellow researcher once taught me this: “It is not unethical to use animals for research, it is unethical to not try to find cures for people who are suffering from diseases we could cure in the future.” I stand by that wisdom.

  226. I’m very sorry you have to endure this, Dr. Lattin. I’m sharing your story in Germany. You are doing important work. These attacks against your work, as they are carried out, are attacks against science in general. I will not remain silent while small interest groups are trying to stop progress for all of us.

  227. We know PETA is a sick mentally ill organization run by people who have no real knowledge about how to care for animals other than to kill them. HSUS is also run by people who use to work for PeTA. They want to see the end of all domestic species and no contact or learning about animals in the wild. I cannot believe the idiots who invited their leader to be the keynote speaker for the National Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This man has killed so many animals and has fought to kill research, breeding and the keeping of any Animals, especially domestic animals. His goal is to eliminate all zoos and aquariums. The board must be made up of animal rights cult members instead of animal welfare or the board doesn’t know the difference thus making them incompetent to serve. I cannot understand people who have seen what this man has written and still think he is for zoos. Having him as your keynote speaker is outrageous and dangerous to your membership. By doing so you have just told the public you are either stupid or a hidden animal rights cult. The public knows HSUS is a scam organization only after money. If I were a member I would fire the man who suggested him and disbar anyone who voted for him as they are against every thing you are suppose to stand up to protect.

  228. My best wishes for Dr. Lattin’s continued research success. Her work on how stressors affect organisms in contexts that they actually experience is crucial to making conservation plans for vulnerable species. The harassment she is experiencing unacceptable and absolutely unfounded.

  229. Dr Lattin:
    It doesn’t matter if you stop your research, or give in to PETA’s malicious behaviors….because they will just go on to the next project they want to hurt and stop…..BUT what DOES matter, is the lives that may continue to perish or suffer when we cannot run our research to understand how to make lives better for Animal welfare….Right now, I live in Montana…our state is burning up…I would LOVE to see what the stressors do to Wildlife during a Wildland fire …my uncle saw a bear running thru the woods …on fire…he ran off a cliff…I for one, think that is a horrid way to die…Oddly, PETA isn’t here helping Fight the fires to protect the animals……I want to know How do animals manage Neg-40 deg below zero temps? 6 feet of snow and no food? The stress of these?The stress of preditors (Wolves?) The deer, elk, antelope, buffalo, moose, cattle, horses and all other livestock and wildlife, NEED your research…I would really love to read about it…PETA believes we as researchers don’t care about Animal lives, when in fact, we are at the realms of the most protection due to properly placed and reviewed protocals, licensure, and oversite bodies…no one really sees this background scene that is involved….or knows the “rules” that exist…Stay Strong, Be Diligent, and Don’t let them win…Your research is IMPORTANT and I stand behind you…it angers me that you aren’t more protected and that your rights are infringed upon, as is the safety of you and your family…Praying for Strength to see this thru.
    Your friend in Research, I seriously will be waiting to read about it when you finish ;)

  230. another case of fake news from PETA! Dr. Lattin, do not let this stop you! Keep up the good research in order to better understand the effects of man’s actions on our environment and the animals and people living there!

  231. Christine,
    It is painful to see how for the good work you are doing, you get attacked so viciously. I admire your courage, honesty and dedication to science. You are doing excellent work with high ethical standards, contributing to our corpus of knowledge that benefits humans and animals. It is despicable that PETA should choose to attack you. Rest assured that not only the medical research community, but also the larger public when informed, will unreservedly support you. If there are good principles behind any of PETA’s other campaigns, their fanaticism, dishonesty and unethical means of protest do a great disservice to those values and make them lose all credibility. Stay strong and thank you for your work and principled stand.
    Best wishes for your research.
    Trichur Vidyasagar, MBBS, PhD.
    University of Melbourne.

  232. I know you’re getting support from your university and professional organizations, but I wanted you to know you are also getting support from me and many, many other animal lovers. If only more people knew what PETA does. I’m so sorry you’re having to endure this.

  233. PETA is one of the worst organizations in existence. It believes there should be no interaction between animals and humans. Yet we must all live on the same planet and understanding how to do that requires research, conservation, and husbandry.

    Please stay with your research, which I believe will benefit all birds, other animals and also humanity.

  234. Dr. Lattin: your research addresses important questions that would benefit animal and human health. Stay strong. I support you and your work.

  235. I support Dr Lattin and all researchers who use animals to further understanding that ultimately leads to saved lives and reduced suffering for all beings. PeTA (the small “e” is a disclaimer) is a terrorist organization.

  236. PETA’s false and misleading claims against this young researcher must stop. Her research is carefully done under the supervision of regulatory bodies that make sure her work is relevant, ethical and done with the fewest number of animals possible and adequate pain relief whenever necessary. Her work will ultimately benefit both birds and humans. This bullying must stop.

  237. PETA kills nearly everything they get their hands on. This is a very sick group of people. They are bullies and terrorists. Anyone who supports them in any way is the same. It’s too bad the many different animal industries/scientific fields haven’t gotten together in force as one and crushed both PETA an H$U$ and their many finger orgs.

  238. For shame, PETA. You would accomplish more if you focused on righting wrongs. Instead you target those who are ethical and care, and make yourselves irrelevant and an organization to be squashed. You make every other case you plead unbelievable, and open your supporters to mockery and worse. This is the real world, and real people (real animals, too). Stop hurting others to make yourselves feel righteous. You are the abusive ones in this picture, not your targets.

  239. Thanks to SoR for bringing attention to this awful harassment perpetrated by Peta, and good to see lots of support for Christine here and on twitter.

    1. Keep doing your excellent research, and know you have a community of people supporting you. I am so sorry you are being so unfairly targeted for the important work you do. Stay strong! -P

  240. No one deserves to be publically ridiculed for the research they perform when it has met many many requirements and regulations. The implication that PETA is following her around during her daily life (I’m sure her home address isn’t public so how else could they have figured that out) is disgraceful. I wish Dr. Lattin the best as a fellow bird researcher.

  241. Stay strong Christine! As an undergrad at Vassar I performed songbird research and am now a toxicologist in private practice. Your work is valuable and important!!! I condemn PETA’s actions and sincerely hope you receive the support you deserve from your institution.

  242. Dr. Lattin: Stay strong and know that we in the scientific community support you! PETA should be categorized as a terrorist organization.

  243. It amazes and disgusts me to read hateful emails from people who either have not bothered to verify the information provided by PETA before reacting, or worse, have lied about the research to conjure such misguided reactions. I hope that Christine continues this important research. The results may guide responsible policy to protect wildlife.

  244. Dr. Lattin,
    The hateful and incredibly untrue treatment you have received from PETA is an outrage, and I strongly stand behind you and your remarkable research helping humans better understand adaptation and survival, and the biological changes we can expect to see in many animal populations as well as our own species due to our continuously changing environment.

    Please know the scientific community supports you, and denounces the disgraceful and ignorant tactics used by PETA against you.

  245. Christine,
    PETA is a criminal organization and certainly does not practice the ethical treatment of people. Science is the reason why there is progress in the world, and it will eventually prevail over obscurantism. Keep up the good work, you are the one who changes the world for the better.
    Claude Wasterlain, MD, UCLA.

  246. Targeting a young investigator in the way that PETA has done here is deplorable. This research follows all ethical guidelines for animal research and has important implications for wildlife and human health. Her research should be applauded.

  247. Dear Dr. Lattin: I feel terrible for the horrible treatment you have received from PETA and extend my strongest support to you. I am an animal lover, and support real animal advocacy groups such as ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund, and Defenders of Wildlife. But PETA has always stood out as a group that plies on raw emotions by misrepresenting facts and sponsoring ignorant, hateful actions for media attention. Most often their efforts actually harm the animals that they purport to protect. I hope you realize that you and your colleagues have the support of the biomedical community and of real animal lovers throughout the world. Your humane research will very likely provide a rational basis for environmental policies that in the long run will lead to protection for our wildlife. Thank you for doing what you do!

  248. Dr. Lattin,

    As a fellow young scientist, I commend you for the work you do to educate the public by being transparent about animal research on your personal website. I wish the American scientific community as a whole was as transparent as you are. I know even the multitudes of positive comments on this website cannot take away the pain you must be experiencing from this hate group, but please know that the scientific community believes in what you are doing and has your back. It pains me to see a fellow animal research scientist being ridiculed and harassed for doing something for the greater good of humans and animals alike. I truly believe the work we do in animal research is vital to scientific and medical advancements. As a veterinarian, people expect that I’m playing with puppies and kittens all day, when in reality I’m doing a laboratory animal residency and developing therapies for diabetic retinopathy. I have received push back from friends and have also recently been harassed about my job by someone I don’t even know on Facebook. This pales in comparison to what you must be experiencing, but just know that you are not alone in experiencing this kind of negativity, and that sometimes, as hard as it is, we just have to be the bigger person. I hope that you find peace in this stressful time. Keep up the awesome work, and don’t let the haters get you down!

    Cameron Fili, DVM

  249. Stay strong Christine, there are many more supporting you than opposing you.

    The PETA tactics are deplorable and dishonest.

    We can all disagree, but must do do respectfully.

    Mark Prendergast, Ph.D.

  250. Dr. Lattin:

    I strongly support your ongoing research efforts. I condemn all of the actions of these people. Be strong and know that the majority of people appreciate the need for scientific discovery through responsible animal research. Those who misrepresent your work are scientifically ignorant and/or willfully deceptive in an effort to promote their own agenda.

  251. Dear Dr. Lattin,

    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. My father was a biomedical research or at the University of Pennsylvania and he was harassed as well. Proximately 30 years ago, Dr. Morrison, a fellow researcher at the University Pennsylvania, had his lab broken into by PETA they harassed him and his neighborhood. My father, myself, and several other’s counter protested PETAwhen they marched on campus against Dr. Morrison. Please know that there are many of us out there that are grateful for your work and support you.

  252. I am a longtime pet owner, as well as a biomedical research scientist who utilizes animals (primarily rodents) in the course of doing research to elucidate the molecular and cellular causes of, and develop treatments and cures for, blinding diseases. I deplore the tactics and false or egregiously misleading claims used by PETA, particularly in their attacks against Dr. Lattin, a promising young biomedical scientist. I strongly object to their violence and their putting Dr. Lattin’s life, and that of her family, in jeopardy. I *fully support* the humane and ethical use of animals in research, for advancing scientific knowledge and improving the human condition. I doubt there is even one PETA activist who has not been the beneficiary of the advances in medicine afforded by biomedical research involving experimental animals. I applaud Dr. Lattin for her work, and for resisting the threats posed by PETA and its followers.

    Steven J. Fliesler, PhD
    UB Distinguished Professor
    Meyer H. Riwchun Endowed Chair Professor of Ophthalmology
    Vice-Chair and Director of Research
    Department of Ophthalmology and Ira G. Ross Vision Research Institute
    SUNY- University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

  253. Dr. Lattin,
    I am so sorry for what you’ve had to endure. I hope you continue your good work, helping all creatures, and don’t let them stop you. I found your website summary of your work to clearly show how your research can benefit both the animal and human populations and it would be a shame for those inroads to cease. My prayers are with you, your family, and the animals in your charge. Bless you.
    Christine Staunton

  254. Such a shame that you are the target of such hateful people! I applaud your vital research and support it 100%. PETA needs to be stopped because they are totally out of control and are damaging the reputation of many pertinent scientist and the research that are doing. Be assured that the majority of people realize the necessity of animal research and no that it brings about information that is greatly needed. Much success to you and your research. ♫

  255. Dr. Lattin: You are conducting your research in a transparent and regulated fashion to address serious questions. Don’t let illegal harassment from these misguided people discourage you. Keep up the good work.

    David Koelle, MD
    University of Washington Dept. of Medicine

  256. Could we please get the address in order that we can “attend” with our own counter protest and signs ?

  257. We all need to support Dr Christina Lattin by strongly advertising all of the cures and comforts, medical advances and scientific progress that animal research brings. PETA can get away with terrorism because there is no real effective opposition. We need EVERY pharmaceutical company, every university, and every federal agency who supports research to bombard the public with the message of how animal research makes each and every American’s life and pet’s life better. We need to accept the culture that the loudest voice wins. EVERY drug should be mandated to state on the bottle that animal research was necessary in the production of the product. NO ONE should take as much as an aspirin (much less a life-saving drug) unless the person comes face to face with that declaration on the label. WE ARE NOT WINNING the battle through silence or appeasement. We need to pressure our lawmakers to stop accepting terrorism as free speech. Dr. Lattin should not have to put up with the abuse.
    Dr. Jennifer Kalishman
    Washington University School of Medicine

  258. PETA is doing what PETA does best: despicable, distorted and cowardly attacks on excellent and humanely conducted science. These are studies that may not only help provide important insights into effects of chronic stress in humans, but also could lead to better means of increasing well-fare in captive populations of bird and other animals–something PETA somehow fails to note.

  259. Dr. Lattin, please know that you are yet another victim of the hypocrisy that PETA is famous for. Our university was targeted for a PETA sting in which an actor was paid to pretend she was an animal technician so she could secretly film and record from our animal care facilities for 7 months! Is this an ethical way to treat your co-workers, to lie and fabricate credentials in order to reveal the daily reality of a busy facility? Was she fair to all the animals she treated without actual training in animal care? PETA kills thousands of animals a year in its own facilities and then claims we scientists are the problem? We are just vulnerable, as are you, but you have our support and encouragement not to let evil zealots stop the progress of science and medicine.
    Thanks, too, for speakingofresearch to tell our story and bring the hyperbole back to the facts and the rational arguments in this complex story.

  260. Dr. Lattin. You hang in there. These ignorant protesters are just that. Keep up the research.

    Dean Kedes, PhD, MD

  261. The Animal Terrorism section of her local FBI office needs to be notified. This is a violation of RICO laws and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

  262. PETA is doing something very dangerous and wrong by sharing this scientist’s name and address along with misleading information like this. Animal rights activists can be very zealous and impassioned, and can lose all empathy for those they perceive to be propogating cruelty – even if those accusations are unfounded. It’s scary to think that this woman – and her husband and kid – have been put at the complete mercy of people like that.

  263. As a pet owner, veterinarian, and researcher, I am glad to join my voice in support of Dr. Lattin! All scientific research is thoroughly justified through a lengthy process of approval. Terrorists like Peta and other animal “rights” groups only harm people as well as animals.

  264. All my support from Spain. As a researcher that has suffered from this kind of attacks, I know how do you feel right now. Our only way to fight back is keeping our efforts focused on our research. Be strong!

  265. Keep up the great research and awesome outreach work Dr. Lattin. This type of hate speech and inciting of violence is unacceptable in any context, and has no place in science. This is an excellent reminder to the rest of us that we still have a lot of work to do to educate the public about the importance of science, the truth around animal research, and the extensive oversight and review processes that animal research is subject to.

    Hang in there, we need all the productive young female scientists we can get.

    Reggie Paxton Gazes
    Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior
    Bucknell University

  266. I hope Dr. Lattin doesn’t let the bastards get her down. She is doing important work. PETA is mischaracterizing her research and targeting her personally, which is vile. We need this kind of scientific information as ammunition in the struggle to conserve species in the Anthropocene. I’m sorry PETA members can’t see the forest for the trees.

  267. PETA are utterly vile, and can claim no moral high-ground whatsoever, not when they kill far more animals – perfectly healthy ones – than they rehome. How anyone who claims to be an animal lover can support them is beyond me.
    At the very least, they need prosecuting for harassment of you and your family. Continue your good work, and to quote The Handmaid’s Tale – ‘nolite te bastardes carborundorum’!

  268. These are dark days for science and research. We need more people like you Christine! Please don’t let these horrible people affect your amazing work.

  269. Dr. Lattin, I fully support you and any other scientist being attacked by animal right activists. It speaks volumes that cowardly PETA goes after the weakest in the scientific community, the students and the postdocs. They don’t have the resources to fight back and they are in place in their career when they are most vulnerable to such attacks. Universities should develop plans to defend people like you.

    One thing that nobody seems to be remarking is how badly this type of actions reflect on the animal rights cause. Inside their echo chamber they may feel that they are doing fine, but animal rights activist and even vegans are getting an increasingly bad reputation in society for being violent, dogmatic and intolerant.

  270. Dear Dr. Lattin: As another researcher who has been through a similar campaign, I send my strong empathy and support. Please know that the scientific community is behind you. Your work is making significant contributions to understanding the wide-ranging impacts of environmental pollution on wild animals and ecosystems, impacts which are not obvious but can only be understood with the special knowledge, experimental designs and assays that you exemplify. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

    Martha Neuringer
    Professor of Neuroscience, Oregon Health & Science University

  271. Thank you Dr. Lattin for the valuable work you are doing for human and animal welfare. Stay strong and know that you have the support of the many who know the truth about Biomedical Research.

  272. Dr. Lattin, please be strong. You have all the support from your colleagues all over the world. It could be any of us.
    From Sweden

  273. PETA has no business harassing this young woman! The more we know about stressors the better for all, humans and animals. Researchers LOVE the animals they work with, they develop a close bond like no other.

  274. I support you! PETA is a chronically misinformed group with mindless followers who think they are supporting animal welfare when they really are just encouraging a radical agenda that has little to nothing to do with animals’ wellbeing. Dr. Lattin, YOU are the one that will be making a beneficial, lasting impact on wildlife. Carry on!

  275. So PETA is preventing research which could help animals in de-stress shame on them. I wonder how many PETA members would volunteer (e.g. tissue donor) to replace the birds in these experiments? If none then they have no business in talking about decreasing animal experiments.
    Edward Cummings Animal Science BSc graduate Writtle University College

  276. Dr. Lattin, I condemn the harassment you have received via PETA’s campaign of lies and misinformation. Please continue to fight and remain strong. We need more courageous people like you, advocating for responsible, humane, and necessary science. Thank you.

  277. Unacceptable from PETA (but not surprising). You are doing good work, try not to let her get to you, but seek help to do so- this is going to be a trying time. I hope your institution has your back and hat you can talk with friends and family about this unfair treatment.

    Your research sounds very interesting and needed, keep up the good work!

  278. Dr. Lattin, you have my sympathy and my full support. In launching a personal attack against you, PETA reveals themselves as irresponsible, vicious cowards. As a biomedical researcher myself, I welcome an honest debate about the role that responsible, humane research involving animals plays in our society. But personal threats have absolutely no place in this debate. Please know that your colleagues stand behind you.

  279. keep up the good work. PETA is a death and the filled organization. May they soon see their own demise

  280. PeTA (along with its sidekick, the HSUS) has no love for animals. It is a terrorist organization bent on destroying both humans and animals. Keep up your good work Ms. Lattin. Pay no mind to the hatred from the animal rights cretins. Thank you for doing what you do.

  281. Christine, I am appalled by what PETA has done, and I strongly condemn their actions. As someone who works every day ensuring that the health and welfare needs of research animals are being met, I know very well how important it is to your work that your animals receive only the best of care. I wish you all the best going forward, and will continue to support the good work that you and your fellow researchers are doing.

    Christine Archer B/Sc. RVT RLAT
    Zebrafish facility manager, aquatics veterinary technician
    University of Ottawa

  282. Christine, you have my support. The fact that PeTA spends time attacking responsible, well-regulated medical research given everything else happening in our country right now already speaks volumes about their values.

  283. PETA can go eat their veggies. They need to be stopped from harassing people.

    Dr. Lattin, please keep going. Continue your research and remember that this wackos of PETA are a loud minority that have no life and would never do something good for humanity.

  284. Dr Lattin

    Continue your work in the knowledge the scientific community stands with you. I hope Yale take this seriously and provide you with the support you need.


  285. Dr. Lattin, Thank you for the compassionate care that you provide for your research animals and for pursuing important work to help both people and animals. Scientific debates must be based on truth – I commend you for your openness about your research and for making the information easily available. PETA’s harassment, based on lies and manipulation of our love for animals, is unacceptable. I am happy to support you and encourage others to do the same.

    Paula Clifford, MLA, CVT, RLATG, Executive Director, Americans for Medical Progress.

  286. Dr. Lattin,
    As a young scientist myself, I want to thank you for standing up for your belief that science should be transparent. I’m deeply saddened that it has resulted in acts of hate towards you and your work. Through the response of the scientific community and replacement of PETA’s false claims with truth, this harassment can ultimately result in INCREASED transparency and public understanding of research in animals. We have much to learn from other species that will benefit humans, animals, and our planet. I am excited to see your work has already led to more information about the effects of Deepwater Horizon. Keep up the great work.

    Kathryn Henley, MS
    PhD Candidate, Animal Behavior Science
    University of Alabama at Birmingham

  287. The research has been scrutinised by ethical committee and deemed appropriate. No one deserves to be treated like Christine. Activists should contact the university public relation or ethical committee to understand the study more. Individual scientist like Christine should not be victimised. This is a harrassment!!!

  288. I hope this young and talented scientist can overcome this hateful campaign from PETA and continue to advance knowledge.
    Fawzi Boumezbeur, PhD.

  289. Christine – I am shocked and appalled by this disgusting campaign by PETA. I hope you will stand strong against the harassment and continue to speak out about the importance of your research. Such tactics by animal rights group must not be allowed to win – or it is medical science, and all the people who benefit from it, who will suffer!

    Tom Holder
    Director of Speaking of Research

  290. Christine, you are the latest in an (unfortunately) long list of scientists who have been subject to unacceptable harassment from animal activists. You are in good company, with many people who have made fundamental discoveries to improve life in this planet. Your research seems to be particularly relevant. You have my best wishes, and my hope that your University will show strong and unequivocal support in this difficult time.

  291. Dr. Lattin,
    The continued harassment by PETA as well as their casting of you as an un-thoughtful, uncaring researcher is unacceptable. The statements that they have made are factually incorrect, and flagrantly embellished to evoke the maximal emotive response. Fortunately, anyone that takes the time to fact check their statements will quickly see through these lies.

    Moreover, anyone that has taken the time to read your work, your website and your social media statements, will immediately see that you are transparent about your research, careful and considerate about the implications of your research and most importantly the great lengths you go to to ensure that your animals’ discomfort, where applicable, is thoughtfully considered and minimized.

    Thank you for your research, your transparency and your thoughtfulness.

    It is my hope that PETA is held FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for their actions against you.

    Jeremy D. Bailoo, PhD
    Division of Animal Welfare
    University of Bern, Switzerland.

  292. As per an exchange on twitter a few weeks back, I extend my very best wishes to Christine.
    Research has to involve animals if we are to understand animals and by extension ourselves – and to treat them better. Medically or in general. It can be hard to interpret research plans from an outside view.

    But much like people say to vets “Oh I can’t do what you do, I love animals too much” – thinking that acts like surgery and euthenasia are only violent when really they are done out of compassion and for animals’ benefit (and sometimes humans’) – people see animal experimentation and see the very worst, none of the good. It is always highly regulated, and could stand to be moreso, but something like this – primarily with an ecological focus – is an even more ridiculous target than, say, drug testing or fundamental biochemical research.

    It is illegal to dox people (share their private, identifiable information online that would allow people to find you in person) and very traumatising. I hope Christine has the full support and protection available from her institution, as well as friends and family.
    All the best.
    PETA are a disgrace.

  293. Dr Lattin: I strongly condemn the hateful, ignorant and blind rhetoric and tactics that are being used to silence your advocacy and to impair your ability to conduct responsible, humane and noble research that advances the causes of human and animal welfare. I urge the scientific community to join me in standing up for you and the scientific progress that depends upon good people like you.

    J. David Jentsch, Ph.D.
    Empire Innovation Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
    Binghamton University

  294. Peta is actually the best representation of what an animal lover should never do or think. Real animal lovers must dissociate from any Pets action if they want to be considered animal lovers.

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