Conferences and webinars in openness and transparency

February and March will see a number of events on the topic of openness and transparency in animal research. The deadlines are short for registration so sign up as soon as possible. Speaking of Research committee members will be involved in a number of these events.


6 February – How to advance public acceptance of research with animals in the U.S. through greater transparency and openness (webinar)

This free webinar, at 11am EST, is hosted by the National Primate Research Centers. Kirk Leech, Executive Director of the European Animal Research Association (EARA) and SR committee member, will begin with a presentation on the European approach to public support through greater transparency. This will then be followed by a moderated discussion. Register ASAP.


14-15 February – 5th International Conference of the Basel Declaration Society

The upcoming BDS conference on “Openness and transparency: Building trust in animal research” is free to attend and will take place in San Francisco. Participants can attend workshops on Openness and Transparency;  Outreach to students and the general public; Science communication and social networks; Ethics and the 3RS.

Numerous SR members will be involved including:

  • Tom Holder, Director of Speaking of Research, will provide “The case for openness: why institutions benefit from a proactive approach to animal research communication”. He will also be leading a workshop on “Science Communication and Social Networks”
  • Kirk Leech, who is also the Director of the European Animal Research Association, will discuss “How greater openness with the public can ease pressures on the animal research supply chain”
  • Paula Clifford (also AMP) and Allyson J. Bennett (also University of Wisconsin) will jointly lead a workshop on “Openness and transparency in animal research”. The aim of this workshop is to work on a written document that can be seen as a commitment to a process aiming to increase openness and transparency concerning animal research in the USA.

Register today and join us in San Francisco.


21 February – Discussing biomedical research with the public: Today’s generational changes that create the Imperative for transparency (webinar)

This free webinar, at 2pm (EST), is hosted by States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR). Ken Gordon, Executive Director of the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, will show how the traditional approach to discussing biomedical research is counterproductive and suggests strategies that biomedical research organizations should follow to re-engage with all their communities. Register now.


19-21 March – PRIM&R 2018 IACUC Conference

The 2018 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) conference is run by Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R). It will take place in Columbus, Ohio. One panel may be of particular interest to readers is “The research community’s roles and responsibilities in outreach and advocacy: How can the IACUC contribute to public understanding (Wednesday 21st). Panelists include: Allyson J. Bennett, Speaking of Research and University of Wisconsin-Madison; Matthew Bailey, National Association for Biomedical Research; and Ken Gordon, Northwest Association for Biomedical Research. It will be moderated by former-SR committee member, Jennifer Perkins, UCLA.

The panel will review outreach and advocacy for IACUC members, and provide a toolkit that will help attendees speak about science and animal research at the national and local level. This session will also provide guidance about communicating across generations. Panelists will specifically discuss: national campaigns that support public education and dialogue about animal research and how one can participate; institutional obligations for the use of animals in research, IACUC communication, and transparency to serve public interests and understanding; and how to understand generational differences and viewpoints when advocating for science and, in particular, research involving animals.

Register for the conference today.