Introducing: Evergreen Posts Series

Speaking of Research (SR) was founded in 2008. Over the last decade, we’ve published posts on a wide range of topics. SR’s committee and guest writers have written about basic research discoveries that advance scientific knowledge and medicine and that depended on animal studies. We’ve written about the laws and regulations, as well as the ethical frameworks and questions that guide animal studies, policies, practices, and decisions. Sharing news and views on events and campaigns that affect research, scientists, and institutions is a common SR theme. Part of our work has allowed for the broad community to join their voices to speak out on issues that are important to them and to the public that benefits from research.

We’ve also featured public outreach efforts that occur across the world and reflect the research community’s commitment to education and public dialogue. At the same time, we have provided advice and models for speaking out about animal research and animal testing—including welcoming guest bloggers to share their work and perspectives via our blog.

Here are some of the things you can find on our site:
Speaking of Research provides information for institutions and individuals on best practices to share news and facts about animal research. We’ve created a rating system for institutional webpages that reviews hundred of websites across the world:

We also engage with media, students, and others. We provide briefing factsheets for journalists and encourage institutions, organizations, and individuals to download these to share in their own outreach and public engagement. Find them here:

Our site serves as a resource for students and others who are looking for information and to learn more about ethics, regulation, worldwide statistics on animals used in research, and other topics related to the why, how, when, and where questions about animal research and testing. See: and

News posts about current events that affect animal research, news posts about scientific advances and how they benefit society; opinion posts from veterinarians, animal care technicians, and others who provide important support for humane and responsible animal research; open letters from scientists and the broad research community on the value of animal research and support for science under attack.

Articles that address the philosophical and ethical consideration of the use of nonhuman animals in scientific research.

Over the 10 years, we’ve noticed that—as many of our readers know—some topics are “evergreen.”  They remain core themes and they remain central to public understanding of animal research and to countering anti-animal research campaigns. Today we begin the “Evergreen” series, reaching back in our archives to share posts that remain highly relevant and, we hope, useful, thought-provoking, or valuable to our readers.

Come back tomorrow for our first Evergreen article and please feel free to reach out via comments if you’d like to suggest a topic, have a favorite “old” SR post, or would like to write your own!

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