#Evergreen: 2012. Animal Rights Bingo

It’s March 12th 2020. We are facing an emergent health threat in the coronavirus, COVID-19. Officially declared a pandemic, with 118,326 confirmed cases and 4292 deaths global fear and uncertainty is increasing. Last night, a travel ban was placed on all those travelling to the US from Europe, again highlighting the seriousness of this threat.

As highlighted in our previous post, animal research has and will play an important role in our capacity to develop a vaccine in a timely manner. However, as succinctly summarized by Matthew Bailey, president of the National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) and the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), those opposed to animal research would choose COVID-19 over your health and safety.

Thus, we continue our “Evergreen” series with a post from eight years ago, in which we articulated how you can spot the pseudoscience claims made by those opposed to animal research and one of its vital roles—that of ensuring human health.

Animal Rights Bingo

Originally posted 11/19/2012

Have you ever sat and listened to an animal rights activist speaking – on TV or a live debate – while you desperately grip your chair to stop yourself leaping out of your seat to challenge their every nonsense claim. “NO”, you scream to yourself, “animal research does not cause adverse drug reactions!”

Now we’ve created something to keep you occupied – animal rights bingo. Will your TV activist manage to spout enough pseudoscience and outright nonsense to get a Bingo? Try it out (we are not responsible if you jump up in the middle of a lecture and shout bingo).

Click the image to download a pdf version with clickable links.

Click the image above to download a PDF document. You can then click each myth and be linked to the debunking of each myth above.

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