An Extreme Voice from the Past Resurfaces

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, Who Has Repeatedly Proposed Killing Scientists, Seeks to Inspire the Next Generation of Animal Activists July 15, 2022 Americans for Medical Progress Animal rights extremist Dr. Jerry Vlasak resurfaced earlier this summer  to take part in a workshop hosted by Animal Activism Mentorship (AAM), a group which seeks to educate and influence … Continue reading An Extreme Voice from the Past Resurfaces

AR Profile: Nicoal Sheen

There seems to have been a shake up of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO), an organization which serves to advertise and promote the activities of animal rights extremists who act under the banner of the Animal Liberation Front and other associated direct action groups. In 2009 the NAALPO Press Officers (according to … Continue reading AR Profile: Nicoal Sheen