2019 French Animal Use Statistics

August 25th 2019 Until 2013, France released their animal research statistics on a triennial basis. Since 2014 and the implementation of EU Directive 2010/43, the French Ministry of Higher education, Research and Innovation began publishing animal use statistics on an annual basis. According to the 2019 figures, France conducted 1,865,403 procedures on animals in 2019, … Continue reading 2019 French Animal Use Statistics

Animal Research in Switzerland in 2019

August 24th 2021 We have translated the statistics for animal research conducted in Switzerland in 2019 and these data are summarized below. Overall, there were 572,069 animals used in research and animal testing in Switzerland in 2019 — a 2.4% decrease compared to 2018. According to the Federal Veterinary Office, the BLV, this decrease is … Continue reading Animal Research in Switzerland in 2019

2019 US Animal Use Statistics

August 23rd 2021 In 2019, US government statistics put the number of laboratory animals used in research at 797,546, an increase of 2.2% from 2018. This includes both public and private institutions. These statistics do not include all animals as most mice, rats, and fish are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act – though … Continue reading 2019 US Animal Use Statistics

2019 German Annual Use Statistics

August 20th 2021 In accordance with EU guidelines the Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft produces annual statistics showing the number of procedures on animals in German research. This includes many types of research including basic and translations studies, animal testing for safety, and the breeding of GM mouse lines. EU guidelines demand that all vertebrates … Continue reading 2019 German Annual Use Statistics

The EU and Norway release animal use statistics for 2018

August 18th 2021 In 2021, the EU released a report, for “statistics on the use of animals for scientific purposes by the Member States of the European Union and Norway in 2018”. These data follow the changes in reporting for the 2015-2017 interim report. Comparison of the data from the interim report and from the 2018 … Continue reading The EU and Norway release animal use statistics for 2018

#MAJOR update of Animal Use Statistics!

August 16th 2021 Position StatementThe collection of statistical data on animal use are undoubtedly useful for some purposes but they also have major limitations with respect to informing meaningful and serious consideration of the ethical use of animals in research. As we’ve written before, simply reporting the numbers ignores the global context and relevant information … Continue reading #MAJOR update of Animal Use Statistics!

Prioritizing human life in a pandemic ≠ unnecessary

March 9th 2021 Sangy Panicker, Allyson J. Bennett, Amanda M. Dettmer, Justin A. Varholick, Jeremy D. Bailoo The world has faced an unprecedented crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic, with 113.5 million cases and over 2.5 million deaths globally since the start of the pandemic. Scientists across the globe, in diverse and sometimes disparate fields, have … Continue reading Prioritizing human life in a pandemic ≠ unnecessary

#FactCheckNeeded: How are mice and rats accounted for in the balance of science, medicine, and animal welfare?

Faulty assumptions lead to faulty conclusions. Jeremy D. Bailoo, Sangy Panicker & Allyson J. Bennett January 12th 2021 A new entry in the seemingly eternal quest for universal adoption of European approaches to the regulation of research animals appeared today in the journal Scientific Reports. The author, US veterinarian Larry Carbone, estimates from a sample … Continue reading #FactCheckNeeded: How are mice and rats accounted for in the balance of science, medicine, and animal welfare?