UK Charities Explaining Animal Research

Following from our previous post on US charities explaining their animal research, we will now take a look at UK charities using the same criteria. Of the UK top 200 charities (by income in 2012), only seven conduct animal research. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Wellcome Trust British Heart Foundation (BHF) Alzheimer’s Society Arthritis Research UK … Continue reading UK Charities Explaining Animal Research

US Charities Explaining Animal Research

In June 2012 we reviewed five large American health charities which conducted animal research to see how well they communicated this use. The results were not encouraging: three charities got 0/4 stars for their animal research statements, and two charities for 1/4. So has anything changed? In this post I will look at those charities … Continue reading US Charities Explaining Animal Research

How Can Charities Discuss Animal Research: A Guide

The Association of Medical Research Charities and Understanding Animal Research in the UK have recently jointly produced a booklet aimed at helping charities discuss the animal research they carry out or fund. So what is the guide about? This guide is designed to help medical research charities answer the questions from the public about the … Continue reading How Can Charities Discuss Animal Research: A Guide