Global Trends in Animal Rights Activism

I note that as I write this post I have no idea how this post will conclude. In order to count the number of global animal rights incidents I began to scan the Bite Back website (warning: AR extremist website) which logs most (all?) incidents of animal rights extremism globally. I found that eight countries … Continue reading Global Trends in Animal Rights Activism

A look at responsible research with monkeys

At the last Pro-Test for Science rally (then UCLA Pro-Test) I was trying to explain opponents of research that the images of bleeding monkeys shown in their signs were either from decades ago or from other countries, not the US or the European Union, and certainly not representative of research at the University of California. … Continue reading A look at responsible research with monkeys

ALF run amok worldwide

Despite progress in California with the public beginning to take a stand against animal rights extremism the regular reports from the ALF website should remind us that we have a long way to go. Here is a selection of ALF attacks in the last month. June 15th 2009 - Bomb hoax at a university in … Continue reading ALF run amok worldwide