USDA gives Primate Products, Inc. the all clear

Last week Allyson Bennet wrote about how animal rights groups often misrepresent the facts in order to further their agenda of ending the use of animals in medical research, citing the example of a campaign against Primate Products, Inc. The USDA inspection report has now been published and confirms that no non-compliant items were identified … Continue reading USDA gives Primate Products, Inc. the all clear

Speaking Up: Confronting Misrepresentation

Animal activist groups often depend upon sensationalized and misrepresentative stories about laboratory animals to achieve media coverage.  The response to these stories illustrates great public interest in how and why animal research is conducted. Unfortunately, these stories frequently perpetuate distorted views about the goals and conduct of the vast majority of animal research. As such, … Continue reading Speaking Up: Confronting Misrepresentation

ALF run amok worldwide

Despite progress in California with the public beginning to take a stand against animal rights extremism the regular reports from the ALF website should remind us that we have a long way to go. Here is a selection of ALF attacks in the last month. June 15th 2009 - Bomb hoax at a university in … Continue reading ALF run amok worldwide