PETA Staff join SR Facebook group – defection or deceit?

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Speaking of Research’s two newest Facebook Group members – Justin Goodman (Winner of PETA’s prized “Nanci Alexander Award” for best activist, and now permanent staff at PETA), and Ryan Huling (College Campaign Coordinator for PETA). However, one must wonder why PETA staff are joining a group which is somewhat incompatible with their own organizations’s views. Perhaps they are finally realizing that animal research is crucial for the future of modern medicine, but, unfortunately, I doubt it.

It appears the launch of Speaking of Research making PETA nervous enough to want to keep a more permanent watch on us. Nonetheless, SR welcome open and reasoned debate on animal research (allowing people to make up their mind with all the facts), so Ryan and Justin, please make your voices heard – and let’s see if you have the facts to back up your beliefs.

Come join the fun, and show your support on the Speaking of Research Facebook Group: