Pro-Test: The demonstration that changed a decade

“No more threats, no more fear, animal research wanted here”. On February 25th 2006 that chant, and many others, rang out across the city of Oxford. Around 1,000 students, scientists and patients marched through the streets both to demonstrate support for the building of a new animal research facility, and to protest against the animal … Continue reading Pro-Test: The demonstration that changed a decade

Birth of Pro-Test Israel

The following guest post is written by Shaul Peretz, a former Israeli investigative journalist and founder of Pro-Test Israel. Three years ago I learned about Mazor Farm, a small farm located in Moshav Mazor, in central Israel, and the country’s only farm breeding monkeys for biomedical research. All the information about the farm on the … Continue reading Birth of Pro-Test Israel

What would you do?

We understand. There is a segment of the population that opposes the use of animals in medical research and basic science.  Their reasons vary.  Some think all sentient beings ought to have the same basic right to life and freedom as any other human being. Some believe that the work amounts to scientific fraud and … Continue reading What would you do?

Outreach, Not Out-of-Reach

This article updates an original article entitled: Time for a change? This weekend’s counter-demonstration at UCLA is another sign of a growing movement and change in the approach the research community is taking towards defending public interests in scientific research. The actions and growth of Pro-Test, Pro-Test for Science, and Pro-Test Italia have all provided … Continue reading Outreach, Not Out-of-Reach

Pro-Test Italia Stands up to Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activism has long been on the rise in mainland Europe. Nowhere had this been more true than in Italy. In April 2012, activists stormed the Green Hill breeding facility and “liberated” a number of beagles from the facility. Since then they have threatened and harassed pharmaceuticals and breeders. In April 2013, five animal … Continue reading Pro-Test Italia Stands up to Animal Rights Activists

Pro-Test to rise again

The following press release from Pro-Test Italia has had links added. Pro-Test rises again: Scientists in Italy follow UK Lead and Stand up to Animal Rights Extremism On Saturday 1 June 2013, hundreds of Italian researchers are to take to the streets of Milan in defence of lifesaving medical and veterinary research. In a demonstration … Continue reading Pro-Test to rise again

Challenging Animal Rights Groups at Student Orientation Week

As another academic year begins many animal rights groups will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of attracting dozens of new members during the Student Orientation Week (Freshers' Week in the UK) at their local university. Brightly coloured stalls with free gifts, vegan food and animal rights literature will appear on university campuses world-wide. … Continue reading Challenging Animal Rights Groups at Student Orientation Week

STOP lying about research at the University of British Columbia

In a post a couple of weeks ago entitled “End of primate research at the University of Toronto?” Allyson Bennet wrote about the truth behind the spin that primate research has ceased at the University of Toronto (UT), commenting that:  If nothing else, those inclined to dodge should consider that they are deriving benefit from … Continue reading STOP lying about research at the University of British Columbia