Speaking of Facebook

Once upon a time the likes of Facebook and Myspace were strictly the domain of animal rights groups. Then, in 2006, Pro-Test changed this by using many of these social networking tools to boost a more positive, pro-research message. Hundreds of members to its Facebook group quickly turned into thousands, and spreading the message of … Continue reading Speaking of Facebook

Pro-Test’s Pycroft still Speaking Up

Five years ago, a sixteen year old led scientists, students and members of the public in the first ever rally to support biomedical research. Laurie Pycroft shot into the media limelight as the boy who dared to stand up to animal rights activists. The Pro-Test movement he begun has helped to shape the public attitudes … Continue reading Pro-Test’s Pycroft still Speaking Up

Fostering a community response to threats against future scientists

This past week, Negotiation is Over posted on its website encouragement for a new tactic against animal research—targeting university students who plan to enter the health sciences field.  NIO illustrates its proposed tactic by telling of its first "success" story:  the coercion of a Florida Atlantic University science student away from a research career.  What … Continue reading Fostering a community response to threats against future scientists

NIO keep digging in their moral hole

We recently blogged about the disturbing threats made by the Negotiation is Over animal rights extremists website. Many science bloggers have joined SR in condemning their words. Janet Stemwedel (Ethics and Science Blog) ripped apart NIO’s tactics; Dr. Isis (On becoming a domestic and laboratory goddess) made a three point plan to defend scientists; and … Continue reading NIO keep digging in their moral hole

I am Speaking of Research

Most of the people reading this blog will proudly announce that they are "Pro-Test", but are you "Speaking of Research"? On several occasions hundreds of you have posted here to announce that you are Pro-Test. Well over 11,000 of you signed the Pro-Test petition to agree with our principles. Now it's time to act, it's … Continue reading I am Speaking of Research

April 2010 Rally – The Video!

Committee member, Gene Rukavina, has produced a video of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 rally, which attracted hundreds of people in defence of lifesaving medical research on April 8th 2010. We encourage others around the US to follow Pro-Test for Science's lead, and to actively get the message out to the general public - animal … Continue reading April 2010 Rally – The Video!

Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science rally 2010

Media Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 Rally, which attracted hundreds of supporters to the UCLA campus.

I’m Pro-Test and I’ll Prove It

IMPORTANT: A couple of people have reported that they were sent emails by AR activists after signing their support. Please forward any such emails to us at contact@speakingofresearch.com It's time to stand up and proudly announce: I am Pro-Test, are you? Please leave comments on this thread (scroll to bottom of page) to announce - … Continue reading I’m Pro-Test and I’ll Prove It