Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science rally 2010

The Pro-Test for Science rally (yesterday) was a huge success, and here is a selection of the coverage from it.

First up, Nature introduced the rally as:

A rally in defense of scientists who use animals in research drew between 300-400 supporters to the campus of the University of California Los Angeles today.

The UCLA Newsroom gave a great summary of the event in their posting. They also clearly showed what was at stake as they talked about the importance of research in animals:

Animal research at UCLA alone has led to lifesaving medical breakthroughs in cancer, stroke, organ transplants and many other areas. There is overwhelming agreement among physicians and scientists worldwide that laboratory animals provide irreplaceable and invaluable models for human systems. Research involving laboratory animals at UCLA is heavily monitored and subject to stringent and multiple federal laws and university regulations.

The Daily Bruin covered the event, noting some fantastic comments from those marching:

UCLA researchers, students and faculty were among the hundreds of protestors advocating for animal research who, despite coming out for different reasons, marched alongside each other.

“I participate in animal research, so obviously people threatening directly impacts the research we are doing, so it is important to show our solidarity,” said first-year psychology doctoral student Kimberly Beach.

Stephanie Groman, a graduate student in psychology, came out to protest as more than just a researcher.
“Amongst other reasons, my family has been afflicted with cancer, and both of my parents are survivors of cancer because of animal research done on chemotherapy treatments that have allowed them to live longer”.

Janet Stemwedel (Adventures in Ethics and Science) made an important comment that such rallies should not be limited to researchers:

You don’t need to be someone who conducts animal research to take this kind of stand, just someone who recognizes the ways that animal research helps us take care of some of the most vulnerable members of the human community.

Abel Pharmboy (Terra Sigillata Blog) mentioned the rally, adding how important animal research is to every person – including himself (he is also calling for people to add their own similar stories to his blog):

Bear in mind also that virtually every single prescription drug sold across the world has required animal research and testing for their development. Every single drug.
Animal testing was required for me to receive the antibiotics, anti-inflammatory steroids, and bronchodilators needed for me to recover from my long bout of pneumonia this year.
Animal testing was required for the vaccines and drugs needed by our beloved family dog.
Animal testing was required for the organ transplant that has allowed my wife to have her mother and my daughter to have her grandmother for the last eight years.
Animal testing is the reason that my mother is a 25-year breast cancer survivor.

There were also mentions of the rally on the blogs from DrugMonkey, Scicurious (Neuotopia), and Nick Anthis (Scientific Activist).