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I’m Pro-Test and I’ll Prove It

IMPORTANT: A couple of people have reported that they were sent emails by AR activists after signing their support. Please forward any such emails to us at contact@speakingofresearch.com

It’s time to stand up and proudly announce:

I am Pro-Test, are you?

Please leave comments on this thread (scroll to bottom of page) to announce – I will not be scared away by extremists – I believe in biomedical research – I will be at the rally on Thursday 8th April, 11:30 AM (corner of Le Conte and Westwood).

If you can’t make the rally (geographic location does not permit), leave a message of support for those marching!

UPDATE: The society for Neuroscience has sent a letter of support to Pro-Test for Science:

On behalf of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), I write in strong support of you as you speak out for animal research.
Today, your activism is helping to raise awareness about the life‐saving research underway in the Los Angeles area, and by extension, hundreds of other communities nationwide. On behalf of 40,000 SfN members worldwide, thank you for your continuing leadership on this issue. SfN pledges its sustained commitment to strong advocacy with you and many other vital voices.

Read the whole letter.


Tom Holder

We're Pro-Test