Speaking of Research remembers David Hubel

This guest post by Gregory Frank discusses the life and legacy of David Hubel, who was a great advocate for animal research. Hubel won a Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work on brain functions - much of which involved animal research. David Hubel, who passed away this fall at the age of 87, not … Continue reading Speaking of Research remembers David Hubel

Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science rally 2010

Media Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 Rally, which attracted hundreds of supporters to the UCLA campus.

A Review of 2009

2009 has been a big year for Speaking of Research as we went global with debates in Dublin, presentations in Ystad (Sweden), and rallies in the Los Angeles. In the US, Speaking of Research also had the opportunity to get the advocacy message outo to hundreds of scientists and researchers at 2009 annual meetings of … Continue reading A Review of 2009

Pro-Test for Science website revealed

Check out http://www.pro-test-for-science.org for the updated website. Pro-Test for Science, previously known as UCLA Pro-Test, became a major story in April 09 when they held a rally in support of biomedical research, mirroring the tactics of Pro-Test in the UK. At the rally the Pro-Test Petition was announced, and we urge the public to add … Continue reading Pro-Test for Science website revealed

UCLA challenges AR misinformation

In the rush of other news including the SfN conference and the Pro-Test for Science gathering I forgot to mention this important development. On Sunday, October 18th, UCLA put a full page advert in the LA Times aimed at educating the public on the important role of animals in lifesaving medical research. On top of … Continue reading UCLA challenges AR misinformation

Speaking of Neuroscience

All three organizations behind the Pro-Test Petition came together in support of lifesaving research at the Society for Neuroscience this weekend gone. Both Pro-Test for Science founder, David Jentsch, and Speaking of Research founder, Tom Holder, made appearances at Americans for Medical Progress' booth to encourage students and scientists to sign the petition. The petition, … Continue reading Speaking of Neuroscience

Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

The recent success of the Pro-Test Petition (10,000 signatures and counting) has caused stirs among animal rights activists. Two extremist blogs - the Thomas Paine's Corner (which we have previously mentioned and is staffed by a number of ALF Press Officers) and the Negotiation is Over blog (which we have also mentioned), decided to encourage … Continue reading Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

CNN – Researchers Standing up to Activists

"Researchers to animal-rights activists: We're not afraid" This is the sort of CNN headline we need to hear more about. The story covers the actions of two SR committee members, David Jentsch and Dario Ringach, who recently wrote a top-rated journal article in the Journal of Neuroscience. Also mentioned is Professor Jeffrey Kordower's article in … Continue reading CNN – Researchers Standing up to Activists