Urge the U. S. Surgeon General to Voice Support for Animal Research

Your scientific activism is only a click away. A new petition in Change.org urges the U. S. Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, to voice support for the humane, and regulated use of animals in medical research.  It reads: There is a growing pressure from animal rights organizations that would deny Americans the health … Continue reading Urge the U. S. Surgeon General to Voice Support for Animal Research

Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

The recent success of the Pro-Test Petition (10,000 signatures and counting) has caused stirs among animal rights activists. Two extremist blogs - the Thomas Paine's Corner (which we have previously mentioned and is staffed by a number of ALF Press Officers) and the Negotiation is Over blog (which we have also mentioned), decided to encourage … Continue reading Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

Ten Thousand Strong for Research

Over ten thousand supporters have signed their name to the Pro-Test Petition (www.raisingvoices.net), which supports the rights of scientists using animals in medical research to conduct their lifesaving research free from harassment. Among those supporting the petition are Nobel Laureates, including David Baltimore and David Hubel1, and members of the National Academy of Sciences and … Continue reading Ten Thousand Strong for Research

Have your Senator and Congressman signed yet?

Backing up a recent post by DrugMonkey, Speaking of Research is now urging you to write to your Member of Congress (contact my Congress Representative) and Senator (contact my Senator) to request that they sign the Pro-Test Petition. For example (Pick one of the three coloured paragraphs): Dear <insert name of your Senator/Member of Congress … Continue reading Have your Senator and Congressman signed yet?

Positive Comments for Pro-Test Petition!!

The Pro-Test Petition has now reached well over 2700 signatures - have you signed yet? This petition, supported by  Speaking of Research, Americans for Medical Progress, and UCLA Pro-Test,  aims to show the world that the majority do support animal research – and moreover they dare stand up and sign their name to it. On … Continue reading Positive Comments for Pro-Test Petition!!