Positive Comments for Pro-Test Petition!!

The Pro-Test Petition has now reached well over 2700 signatures – have you signed yet? This petition, supported by  Speaking of Research, Americans for Medical Progress, and UCLA Pro-Test,  aims to show the world that the majority do support animal research – and moreover they dare stand up and sign their name to it. On April 22nd around 800 people stood up at UCLA in support of lifesaving medical research – now it’s up to you. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to go to:


The Petition has also been getting a lot of positive feedback – here is a selection:


I went to the pro-test rally and really enjoyed the information that was shared and the support of the community. I do research for Alzheimer’s and spend more time with my mice and rats than I do with my own pets at home. I’m also the IACUC contact member for my lab and spend A LOT of my day making sure my animals are comfortable and happy. This research needs to continue for both humans and animals to prosper. Thanks for setting up this petition, let’s get it around to as many as possible!
– Dana Grant

I am a animal researcher and a cancer survior and my son is alive because of our work he had heart problems when he was a baby and had life saving open heart surgery at 9 months of age. Neither of us would be around if not for the benefit of research.
– David Miller

Working in the biomedical research field, everyday I witness the dedication of people who work tirelessly to improve the quality of human and animal life. Now these hard working people must also deal with the risk of being targeted by misinformed, lawbreaking individuals who would harass and threaten them and their families at their homes. I stand strong in my support of Pro-Test and salute the people on the front lines.
– Mike Aertker

The Pro-Test Petition states that “We the undersigned believe:

  1. That animal research has contributed and continues to contribute to major advances in the length and quality of our lives.  It remains vital to understanding basic biological processes and for the development of new treatments and therapies such as antibiotics, vaccines, organ transplants, and cancer medicines.
  2. That animal research is morally justifiable provided animal welfare remains a high priority and no valid non-animal alternatives are available.
  3. That violence, intimidation and harassment of scientists and others involved in animal research is neither a legitimate means of protest, nor morally justified.”



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