A Curious Tale: Researchers and their Animals

Below is an account of how one researcher (Scicurious from the Neurotopia blog) views her animals, and the lengths she goes to ensure their welfare. Although such relationships vary from researcher to researcher, this account is almost certainly one which many researchers and animal care technicians will sympathise with. Scicurious (blogging pseudonym) is currently a … Continue reading A Curious Tale: Researchers and their Animals

ScienceBlogs fight for Research

In the run up to a Panel Discussion on animal testing, animal rights extremists threatened to harass a researcher's children at school, provoking widespread outrage by scientific bloggers across the world.

Speaking of Neuroscience

All three organizations behind the Pro-Test Petition came together in support of lifesaving research at the Society for Neuroscience this weekend gone. Both Pro-Test for Science founder, David Jentsch, and Speaking of Research founder, Tom Holder, made appearances at Americans for Medical Progress' booth to encourage students and scientists to sign the petition. The petition, … Continue reading Speaking of Neuroscience