Harlow Dead, Bioethicists Outraged

The philosophy and bioethics community was rocked and in turmoil Friday when they learned that groundbreaking experimental psychologist Professor Harry Harlow had died over 30 years ago. Harlow's iconic studies of mother and infant monkeys have endured for decades as the centerpiece of philosophical debate and animal rights campaigns.  With news of his death, philosophers … Continue reading Harlow Dead, Bioethicists Outraged

Animal rights activism and medicine 100 years ago

There is a rather interesting book, Animal Experimentation and Medical Progress by William Williams Keen, published in 1914, which describes some of the incidents in the animal research debate during the early 1900s.  What is  striking about this book is that it illustrates very clearly how little (if at all) the arguments and tactics of animal … Continue reading Animal rights activism and medicine 100 years ago

Loving Animals…While Throwing Humans Under the Bus

Recently, the Sunday New York Times ran cover story on efforts to combat the obesity epidemic and the role of animal research in this battle. It's not surprising that those opposed to animal studies reacted. What is surprising is what they said. The organization which conducted the studies  - the OHSU Oregon National Primate Research … Continue reading Loving Animals…While Throwing Humans Under the Bus

Speaking up for CNPRC

The following article appeared in The Aggie, a stujdent run newspaper at UC Davis. It is good to see students willing to diligently explain the reasons behind the use of animals in medical research [Tom] Two weeks ago, during National Primate Liberation Week, activists on the quad protested against the use of non-human primates at … Continue reading Speaking up for CNPRC

Mice Help Develop Molecular Imaging of Tumors

Can you follow the structural growth and metabolic activity of a developing tumor?   Such an advance would allow one to track how patients are responding to their therapies right away instead of having to wait weeks.  The video shows new research in the field of molecular imaging and yet another example of how the … Continue reading Mice Help Develop Molecular Imaging of Tumors

Leicester – The New British Battleground?

Back across the pond, in Leicester (pronounced "les-ter"), animal rights activists are warming up for a battle against a new £15 million (around $24 million) biomedical facility which the University of Leicester is building. Looking through the local rags, an interesting article came up in "this is Leicestershire" from a reporter who took a look … Continue reading Leicester – The New British Battleground?

We Need You – Debunk AR myths

We've been a little slower on our postings lately - a busy time for most of our regular contributors. So we're calling for help on one of our latest projects. We aim to expand our "Bad Science" section by scientifically challenging some of the false "facts" produced by animal rights groups. Many of these myths … Continue reading We Need You – Debunk AR myths