We Need You – Debunk AR myths

We’ve been a little slower on our postings lately – a busy time for most of our regular contributors. So we’re calling for help on one of our latest projects.

We aim to expand our “Bad Science” section by scientifically challenging some of the false “facts” produced by animal rights groups. Many of these myths can be found on the Vivisection Absurd website, which produces a list of 50 “disasters of animal experimentation”. To debunk these myths we suggest you go to the source (see the endnotes on the page), many myths are created after activists misrepresent or misunderstand what is being said in peer reviewed scientific literature.

Debunkings should be full, but (preferably) not too long (see Bad Science section for guidance). Please email them to contact@speakingofresearch.com . We aim to run a small series of blog posts on some of these debunkings (with full credit given to the astute scientists responsible).

Not all myths are as beautiful as this one


Tom Holder