“What Drives ‘animal researchers’ Like Me?”

As World Week for Animals in Laboratories (a week of animal rights misinformation) comes to a close, we have a guest post from Nancy Haigwood, director at Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC). This piece reflects well the frustration felt by many scientists about animal rights activists misrepresent the noble cause of scientists who work … Continue reading “What Drives ‘animal researchers’ Like Me?”

Laying the foundations of medical research

For the past couple of weeks a debate has been raging on the Opposing Views website between Speaking of Research’s Dario Ringach and the anti-vivisectionist Ray Greek. It has been a debate shaped by Dr. Greek's attempts to persuade readers to agree with his very narrow concept of what prediction means in biology and his … Continue reading Laying the foundations of medical research

April 2010 Rally – The Video!

Committee member, Gene Rukavina, has produced a video of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 rally, which attracted hundreds of people in defence of lifesaving medical research on April 8th 2010. We encourage others around the US to follow Pro-Test for Science's lead, and to actively get the message out to the general public - animal … Continue reading April 2010 Rally – The Video!

A Noble cause: Protecting babies brains with Xenon

Back in October I wrote about how animal research has enabled the development of brain cooling as a treatment to reduce brain damage in babies who had suffered oxygen starvation during birth. This is a problem that affects tens of thousands of babies every year, and frequently results in death or long-term disability. Brain cooling … Continue reading A Noble cause: Protecting babies brains with Xenon

Speaking of Regulations

Regulations of research has always been an important issue for animal welfarists (as opposed to animal rights activists who start on a fundamentally different set of assumptions). Many people do not realize that there are strict protocols that monitor and regulate research. For this reason we have created a new page dedicated to the regulations … Continue reading Speaking of Regulations

Speaking out for Speaking of Research

Below is a report of a talk given by Dr. Arnold L. Goldman, a private practise vet who offered to give a talk about animal research at a school on behalf of Speaking of Research. SR regularly receives requests by students and teachers to talk to scientists, and we rely on the efforts of scientists … Continue reading Speaking out for Speaking of Research

Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science rally 2010

Media Coverage of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 Rally, which attracted hundreds of supporters to the UCLA campus.

Several Hundred Pro-Test for Science

Review of the Pro-Test for Science 2010 rally which attracted hundreds of scientists, researchers and members of the public in support of animal research / animal tests, which save millions of lives.