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Speaking out for Speaking of Research

Below is a report of a talk given by Dr. Arnold L. Goldman, a private practise vet who offered to give a talk about animal research at a school on behalf of Speaking of Research. SR regularly receives requests by students and teachers to talk to scientists, and we rely on the efforts of scientists to volunteer some of their time to give these talks. The US is a big place, and the more people offering to give talks, the better coverage we have. If you would be willing to be contacted in the future about giving a talk at a local school then please email tom@speakingofresearch.com, giving your contact details and your location.

On Thursday, April 8, 2010, the same day as the Pro-Test for Science rally at UCLA, Dr. Arnold L. Goldman, a veterinarian from Canton, CT, gave a presentation on behalf of Speaking of Research, to 75 high school seniors in North Stonington, CT. Dr. Goldman’s presentation was intended as a counterpoint to the anti-research stance of animal rights groups and was the concluding element of a senior project undertaken by senior Meredith Milligan of Wheeler High School in North Stonington.

Speaking after Ms. Stefanie Clark, a youth programs coordinator for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Dr. Goldman’s presentation successfully countered HSUS arguments against biomedical research in animals. While the HSUS presentation focused on covertly obtained video footage of primates in captivity obviously intended to shock the young audience, as well as failing to distinguish product safety testing from biomedical research, Dr. Goldman presented a balanced overview.

Dr. Arnold Goldman

Using information provided by Speaking of Research, Americans for Medical Progress and the American Physiological Society, as well as his own materials, Dr. Goldman detailed the facts about biomedical research in animals. His presentation included a discussion of the moral and ethical dilemmas that exist in animal research, the actual numbers of animals used, the efforts of scientists to reduce those numbers, the myth that animal research is currently replacable, and the myth that animal data is not relevant to humans.

Dr. Goldman also went into detail about a personal experience with development of a vaccine for canine melanoma, a deadly and previously untreatable cancer, which involved one of his patients. This vaccine, originally developed using mouse DNA, eventually underwent successful clinical trials in dogs, including Dr. Goldman’s patient. The dog lived almost 2000 days beyond the expected and died from an unrelated problem. Thereafter, the vaccine’s amazing success led to clinical trials in people with melanoma, where similar success has also been achieved. The students appeared to grasp the truth that while animals used in research should be treated with respect, there is a duty to society to strive to cure disease and that these cures may help animals as well as people.

Dr. Goldman is in private practice and is also a director of Americans For Medical Progress, pro-research educational non-profit.

Speaking of Research thank Dr. Goldman for putting his time into this important cause, and urge more scientists to contact us offering to help (it is luck of the draw when we are invited to speak in schools, and where those schools will be).

Holder Speaks on Eve of Rally

Tom Holder, SR founder, gave two talks in the run up the UCLA. The first was a small talk to members of the UCLA community on April 6th. The talk went well with questions being asked on how researchers could most effectively advocate for research, and overcome institutional inertia that can hinder outreach efforts.

On the eve of Pro-Test for Science rally, Holder was invited by the UCLA branch of the American Medical Student Association. The talk was well received, with many students unaware of the violence surrounding research at UCLA.

Added Download Ability to Videos

We’ve added a download button for all our videos (except YouTube ones). These can make a perfect addition to a presentation (Learn how to add video to PowerPoint), or can be used on their own to show colleagues. Check out the Media/Downloads section to see most of the videos.



p.s. I added a download button to the video in the previous post

SR at the Scand-LAS Conference

The day after the UCLA Pro-Test rally I headed to Ystad in Sweden to give a presentation to a conference held by the Scandanavian Society for Lab Animal Science (Scand-LAS). Exhibitors of new and innovative lab animal equipment showed off the latest developments in reduction, replacement and refinement. For example, one firm offered an automatic blood sampling machine which would be hooked up to a mouse by catheter. Precise amount of blood being drawn meant that less mice could be used to attain small amounts of blood, and the mouse was happier since it would not need to be be removed from its cage to have blood drawn – reduction AND refinement. Talks at the conference varied – with talks informing technicians on the best methods of housing and feeding zebrafish, as well as presentations on the latest studies on Cystic Fibrosis.

The meeting did draw a small number of animal rights protesters who came out at 11pm to stand outside and shout slogans. When approached the protesters backed off, unwilling to debate those at the conference. Sadly for the protesters their efforts ended up appearing quite farsical – indeed it seemed odd for them to be protesting an event full of the animal care technicians and veterinarians whose job it is to look after the animals wellbeing.

My presentation – the final of the three day conference – was well received. It had undergone some major alterations on the plane from LA as I included some footage and information about the success of the UCLA Pro-Test rally on April 22nd. Many people seem keen to help write information for Speaking of Research – and all in all the event was fun and interesting!


Tom Holder

Delaware-Pennsylvania-California-New-Jersey …. MAINE!

The SR tour continues, and I apologise for not giving advance warning on the two previous talks (report below).

Tom Holder will be speaking about animal extremism and medical research at Jackson Laboratories in Maine.

9am-11am, Monday, November 3rd, Jackson Laboratories, Maine.


Earlier this week I was in Sacramento and San Francisco in California.

Jackson Laboratories, CA
I gave two presentations at Jackson Laboratories. The first was to around 40 animal lab technicians who were fed up with being misrepresented by groups like PETA. High level of interest in getting involved meant that I ran out of leaflets to use for the second talk – all for a good cause. This second talk was primarily to scientists at Jackson Labs, and once again interest was high, with around 30 people taking time out of their busy schedule to listen.

ISIS – Innovative Surgeries, Investigative Solutions
On Wednesday 29th October I gave a presentation to a small but diverse group of scientists and researchers, hosted by ISIS. Prior to the talk I was given the opportunity to look round, and was impressed to see the high welfare standards, that ISIS sets for itself, in action. The talk itself went well, with an interesting discussion on the ways in which medical charities which fund animal research (most of the big ones) might expand their advocacy efforts.



SR University Tour – 20th Oct – 4th Nov – Get Involved

Tom Holder of Speaking of Research (SR), will give presentations, participate in debates and/or meet with student groups over the course of the Monday 20th October to the Tuesday 4th November 2008. The first week (20th-25th) is likely to be spent in or around the state of California, where the issue of animal research remains a hot topic in light of recent attacks on universities within the UC (University of California) system.

It is time students, even those not directly involved in research, weighed in on this important issue. We invite student groups to bring SR to your university to speak (in whatever format of your choosing). The talks will cover Holder’s experiences with animal rights extremism in the UK, why animal research is crucial to the future of medicine, and what we could and should be doing to defend it. This opportunity is not exclusive to student groups to organise, but also toward professors and other faculty wishing to play their part in engaging the campus community on the issue.

To invite Tom to speak at your institution, or to enquire further about ways of going about this, contact us through the request a speaker page.

More details on the tour to be released.



Friday 8th August – SR at CNPRC / UC Davis

This Friday (8th August) Speaking of Research will be involved in two events.

Firstly, at 12:00 noon, at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) Seminar Hall (part of UC Davis), Tom Holder will be speaking to students, researchers, and any members of the public wishing to come along (please RSVP to reception@ucdavis.edu). Some more details can be found here.

The talk will cover the benefits of research, Tom’s experiences in the UK, and why and how all of us in the US need to stand up and defend lifesaving biomedical research.

Secondly, between 2-3pm, Tom Holder will appear live on Capital Public Radio (90.9KXJC), to be interviewed by Jeffrey Callison on the program “Insight“. The interview will last 20 minutes at some point during the hour of 2-3pm.

Keep an eye on the Calendar page for updates.