Delaware-Pennsylvania-California-New-Jersey …. MAINE!

The SR tour continues, and I apologise for not giving advance warning on the two previous talks (report below).

Tom Holder will be speaking about animal extremism and medical research at Jackson Laboratories in Maine.

9am-11am, Monday, November 3rd, Jackson Laboratories, Maine.


Earlier this week I was in Sacramento and San Francisco in California.

Jackson Laboratories, CA
I gave two presentations at Jackson Laboratories. The first was to around 40 animal lab technicians who were fed up with being misrepresented by groups like PETA. High level of interest in getting involved meant that I ran out of leaflets to use for the second talk – all for a good cause. This second talk was primarily to scientists at Jackson Labs, and once again interest was high, with around 30 people taking time out of their busy schedule to listen.

ISIS – Innovative Surgeries, Investigative Solutions
On Wednesday 29th October I gave a presentation to a small but diverse group of scientists and researchers, hosted by ISIS. Prior to the talk I was given the opportunity to look round, and was impressed to see the high welfare standards, that ISIS sets for itself, in action. The talk itself went well, with an interesting discussion on the ways in which medical charities which fund animal research (most of the big ones) might expand their advocacy efforts.