Discworld author calls for more funding of Alzheimer’s research

A bit of positive news from the UK which shows how big institutions and charities can publicly get behind animal research. The author Terry Pratchett, who is best known for writing the hugely inventive Discworld novels, has handed a petition to the Gordon Brown calling on the government to increase spending on research into the … Continue reading Discworld author calls for more funding of Alzheimer’s research

Speaking of Research, speaking in Sweden

On November 26th, 2008, Speaking of Research have been invited to give a couple of presentations in Stockholm, Sweden. In the morning Tom Holder will be giving a presentation entitled "Stand up for Science" at the Swedish Research Council's information day about animal research. Later in the afternoon (5 - 7pm) Holder will partake in … Continue reading Speaking of Research, speaking in Sweden

Fighting hospital superbugs

In recent years the "hospital superbug" Clostridium difficile has gained notoriety as a major cause of illness and death among patients, and poses a particular danger to the elderly.   C.diff is found naturally in the intestines of a minority of the human population and usually poses no threat, but when the bacterial population of … Continue reading Fighting hospital superbugs

No more threats, no more fear, animal research is finally here!

Some news from Pro-Test in the UK. The Oxford Biomedical Facility is finally complete after five bumpy years. Despite violence, arson, threats, intimidation and harassment, Oxford University has pulled through with its new animal research facility. This lab is setting a new "Gold Standard" in animal welfare, one that will meet and exceed the standards … Continue reading No more threats, no more fear, animal research is finally here!

A better, safer TB vaccine

There's an interesting report in "Infection and Immunity" this week about the development of a safer and more effective tuberculosis (TB) vaccine (1), something that is certainly needed as the rate of TB infection is rising in many countries. A major problem for the current TB vaccine, the BCG vaccine first developed in the 1920's, … Continue reading A better, safer TB vaccine

Maine: The review

Admittedly I didn't see much of Maine to give a proper review, so you're going to have to cope with just a report of my presentation at The Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbour, Maine. The Jackson Laboratory has been associated with the work of 20 Nobel Prize winners since 1960, through its own research and … Continue reading Maine: The review