Speaking of Research, speaking in Sweden

On November 26th, 2008, Speaking of Research have been invited to give a couple of presentations in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the morning Tom Holder will be giving a presentation entitled “Stand up for Science” at the Swedish Research Council’s information day about animal research. Later in the afternoon (5 – 7pm) Holder will partake in a seminar on animal research at the Karolinska Institutet. Alongside Holder will be Cecilia Johansson , editor of Djurforsok (In English), andmember fo the Swedish Research Council.

Despite Speaking of Research being a US-based organization, it is good to see it having an impact in the wider world.  On a related note, SR has received emails of support from around the US, but it was nice to see one coming from as far afield as Sri Lanka (pretty much as far as you can get from our base in Virginia):

Having read the story in Science about you, and visited your website many times, I want you to know how welcome the ideas you express against the forces opposed to science are. For so many years scientists have been victims of the backlash not only from animal-rights “activists”, but also from the uninformed opposition to biotechnology and more recently, nanotechnology […]I do wish you all more strength to your collective arms. People working in the sciences (and not just the animal sciences) must be enormously grateful that someone, somewhere, is standing up to speak for them. I wish you best luck.