2008, a review

So as we reach the end of the year it is worth having a quick look back at what has gone on. In Advocacy Speaking of Research has given talks in over 10 states about the important role of positive advocacy in the defence of life-saving animal research.  We have made YouTube videos, made a … Continue reading 2008, a review

Fighting the scourges of humanity

The past week has seen some interesting news on efforts to combat three diseases that blight the lives of millions in the world today. The most exciting news was that in two studies (1,2) published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine the malaria vaccine RTS,S passed a major milestone in its development … Continue reading Fighting the scourges of humanity

From organ development to tissue engineering

Over the past few weeks we have reported on how scientists are discovering how to engineer tissues and cells to treat disease, and how animal research is underpinning this new field of medicine. It seems appropriate that Science, one of the world's top scientific journals, has this week published a special edition that surveys recent … Continue reading From organ development to tissue engineering