2008, a review

So as we reach the end of the year it is worth having a quick look back at what has gone on.

In Advocacy
Speaking of Research has given talks in over 10 states about the important role of positive advocacy in the defence of life-saving animal research.  We have made YouTube videos, made a FaceBook group (now over 300 members) and participated in a number of radio shows. We even managed to get a piece in Science Journal. Aside from Speaking of Research other outreach organisations have been active with Americans for Medical Progress releasing their newest DVD on the benefits of animal research.

In the Newspapers
Animal rights extremists have stepped up their campaign of violence in California over the past year with arson attacks targeting a number of University of California professors, threats to the safety of those working for UCLA, and even one case of a home invasion. However there is hope with a new bill passed which is designed to offer researchers increased protection from activists.

In Research
We have seen new drugs coming being developed to treat disease . We have seen brain implants being developed to allow paralysis patients to control robotic limbs. We have seen newer, better animal models for crippling diseases. All of these examples of medical progress have been thanks to the contributions of animals in biomedical research. Furthermore animal research has contributed to both the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. All in all we can see that vast improvements in healthcare over the next decade will come in part because of the continues use of crucially important animal research.

I spent seven months in the United States trying to make a difference in people’s attitudes towards animal research, however success will only be achieved by the public,the  scientific community,the  government, and public outreach organisations working together to explain the benefits of animal research to the people living across America. Through understanding we can embrace carefully regulated medical research and reject the misinformed and misanthropic animal rights extemism movement.

For Speaking of Research to continue to make a difference we need your help. We need people to help write for the website, to help give talks at schools and universities around the country, and to try and start local Speaking of Research groups on their campus. We need you!

Happy New Year